Dancing Through the Raindrops

Concentrate on the good ! Feed the fire of hope and accomplishment !

Awaken as if there is a bucket of joy at the foot of your bed. It is most tasty when shared and will sour if kept. Spread the joy though the people in your day and watch waves of it return to you in the evening .

Pray. Talk to the best friend you have in your life.

Read scripture and learn more about the resources available.

Meditate. Stop the noise in your head by breathing deeply more than twice.

Warriors of Light are ordinary people who simply dance through the raindrops treasuring the growth and change that they bring.

Finding Opportunity

Life abounds with opportunities. Even our struggles offer opportunities for growth. Real happiness seems to lie in work and accomplishment not in rest.

Pray to find your suitable opportunities.

Read scripture to learn more about your purpose and place.

Meditate. Breathe in awareness of your flavor and direction.

Warriors of Light gain by giving. They seek and find. They ask and receive.  They maintain their equipment and their souls.