Participation in the Service of God

“Contempt prior to investigation” robs us. It thwarts our participation in the service of God. It limits our exposure from what we have decided, we are not going to like. But it also deprives us of the practice of trust. Trust takes practice.

Pray. Pray for the people you find offensive.

Read scripture to educate our hearts .

Meditate. Remain willing, childlike in our stance.

Warriors of Light are mobile. Their orders may come without warning. At the ready, they always benefit from giving and sharing.

Ever Feel Like You are Alone in a Boat?

Concrete pavement must contain the right mix of sand and rebar to be established and take wear without cracks.

We must maintain the right mix of physical and spiritual food to take wear without cracking.

Pray and touch base.

Read and learn more about your spiritual tools and responsibilities.

Meditate and relax. Instructions are handy.

Reminder ! There is a God and it’s not us !
Warriors of Light are here to help !
You are not alone in the boat !

The Way Out is Up

The winds and our own wiles may blow us north or south. We may go with love or logic or lust. Without purpose we are drawn east or west. We may go far or just a bit from the proper path. Which ever way we err or how deep we are in, the way out is still up.  Up is reachable from any direction at any time. If sinking, we but let go of our burdens and up we will float.

Pray and breathe in the taste of home.

Read scripture and devotionals. Find the truth for which we hunger.

Meditate. Realize the perspective is better from an elevated position.

Warriors of Light are stationed on the move. Their steps and their missteps offer lessons.

“The prudent man learns from his experience. The wise man learns from the experience of others.”

Realizing Your Strength

It is such a bright and amazing thing ! The arguments of details burn away.  We stand in awe. The awe becomes joy and then peace. It brings love and healing.

Receive it and become whole. Dance with new legs. Realize your strength. Let difficulties stay in the mind from which they originate.

Pray and touch reality.

Read scripture and devotionals to keep the clouds from your day.

Meditate with expectancy and gratitude. Soak in your blessings.

Warriors of Light know that some paths hold trouble. Steps into the darkness can twist the ankles and anchors of truth. Hold fast. He comes.

Finding Our Path

Relationships reflect our spiritual condition. It is here that the “rubber meets the road.”

We hurt or get hurt. We begin to heal. With time we get better. Yet we go looking. We twist this way and that to assure ourselves the absence of pain. Careful now!  In doing this with our limb or another’s heart we can injure ourselves again.

Pray to see “the Lamp unto our feet, the Light unto our path .”

Read. “With our nose in scripture we are pointed in the right direction.”

Meditate. Be seated in trust. Note the firmness of your Foundation.

Warriors of Light work together in their battles, their mission, their camp.

Self centeredness is not an option

Carrying Old Baggage

We create our own problems. Unwilling to accept the solution we attach blame. Unwilling to admit their presence they get stuffed into our baggage.

No shackles hold us to our habits, scars and issues.

Pray to see that the way out is in front of you.

Read scripture and devotionals. Find the roadmap to freedom, purpose and peace.

Meditate. Just be still for a minute. Listen to Him. Peace is at hand.

Warriors of Light let the weapons of Praise and Thanksgiving fill their hearts and their hands. They  let go of everything else. They get busy helping others.

Inspiration and the Spirit of God

“The only overwhelming part is in the mind.”

A decision not made is a decision. Once action begins the committee in our heads is silenced. We can be empowered with direction if we only look up.

Pray for inspiration. Literally this means to have the “Spirit ” in us.

Read scripture and devotionals for guidance and a boost.

Meditate on the good things that are in our life.

Warriors of Light share enthusiasm, from “En Theos “, in The Spirit of God.

Pride, Forgiveness, Humility

What is behind righteous indignation but pride ?

“Pride goeth before a fall.”

Forgiveness is giving up our right to be angry.

Humility, which can be donned with the use of gratitude, is our cloak of protection.

Pray to remain thankful. Continue to nestle under the wings of the Almighty.

Read devotionals and scripture to guide our angle of approach.

Meditate on the good things in your life.

Warriors of Light find their authority in service. They watch to anticipate the needs of others but they wait for the dawn of appreciation in which to move.

Things We Tell Ourselves

“Don’t believe everything you think ! “

Oh the things we can tell ourselves.

And mirrors need to come with a dial that filters fear and criticism.

Silence the committee with actions helping others. Take your attention off of yourself.


Pray. Remember it is not your place to shoulder everything.

Read scripture and devotionals to refresh your perspective.

Meditate on what is good.

Warriors of Light can’t spend much time in the bunkers. Movement lightens their equipment. The joy of lending a hand increases their strength.

Peace of Mind

It is free !

Peace of mind is free and available to anyone !

Day or night, you can try safely in your home or while driving. It requires only the fuel of willingness and the practice of trust. Words of instruction are available from your creator. Inspiration is found in your heart which may be stirred by your brothers and sisters. Stirred by their smile, their words, their music or their song.

Pray to find and keep the rhythm.

Read to learn the way.

Meditate. Visualize the dance  !

Warriors of Light use gratitude and and praise. They know what to carry into the battle of the day. They don’t try to shoulder more than their part. “Humility is the gift of knowing when you are not in charge.”