Share Love and a Smile

Life is a privilege. Love is a gift and a privilege. When people that we love share our life, take notice ! Don’t forget to make them smile. The greatest honor may be to be remembered with a smile.

Pray. Talk to Him.

Read good things before getting up for the day .

Meditate. Sit still and actually appreciate the privilege of being alive and the memories of loved ones passed.

Warriors of Light visit with those they love . They share the joy and the day becomes brighter for all.

Choose Your Direction

Your choice when you awaken. Grab onto the games you were playing yesterday or start anew. The discipline of reaching upward and out of yourself first offers the rewards of purpose and hope . Choose your direction ! As one in a boat , use tools for steering through the sweeping currents of life.

Pray . Talk to Him. Ask for help. Now your oars have some strength behind them.

Read the Word. Read devotionals. Say some from them aloud. Oops. You just became a messenger.

Meditate. Don’t think about the falls just get up again. Picture a rope. Grab it and arise !

Warriors of Light use the words from above as both a power source and a rudder.

Help is at Hand

Someone has claimed you and your time. They do it with your permission and you will bear the fruits.

Are you going the right way ? Does it hurt ? There is help at hand. Claim it aloud. Claim it often. Watch the change.

Pray and look for answers . God speaks through His Word and other people or that still small voice inside.

Read to educate your heart.

Meditate and find yourself. You are right where you left you.

Warriors of Light know the path. It is a path because they follow other troops.

Treasure the Moment

Life is good ! Each day is filled with opportunities of a lifetime. We sometimes just trudge through our daily routine thoughtlessly until someone our age dies. Don’t wait to enjoy your life. Treasure even the moments filled with chores.

Pray to stay in touch with the source.

Read scripture and devotionals to keep your mind tuned in to the real value of life.

Meditate to bring yourself into the moment.

Warriors of Light are taught that each breath is a privilege. Their duties become an honor to perform.

Feeding the Good Dog

We are built with love and hunger. Maturity is the process of balancing these two. But it is a process not a condition. It is like the two dogs in our head. They talk and they fight. The good one and the bad. Who wins? The one you feed the most.

Pray and start your day with a good attitude.

Read and feed the good dog some good lessons.

Meditate and relax in the shelter of the Almighty.

Warriors of Light have to maintain their training. Praise and Thanksgiving are their two best weapons.

Importance of Perspective

I saw the puppy running toward me. I saw the car coming. I made harsh noises and waved my arms to chase the dog back into its yard. The lady looked up as I reached the edge of the yard. What do you think she thought I was doing to her dog ?

Pray for guidance from one who can see the whole picture.

Read to learn more about the importance of perspective.

Meditate. The whole game is about your development not what others think.

Warriors of Light must protect their charges and their souls.

Measurement of Truth

A sedentary silica rock reacted with specific colors when rubbed with silver or gold. It was called a touchstone.

When we use a method to measure or discover truth it does not lessen the magnificence of that truth. We humans often use pain as touchstones for growth.

Pray for God to show you that He is real and He will.

“God help me” is a prayer.

Read to learn more about who He is.

Meditate . Listen.

Breathe. Relax.

Warriors of Light are fortunate to know who they are. Their example may become a beacon.

God is in Charge

Imagine the surprise and fear of people who are not alerted to expect an eclipse of the sun. Who will they blame ? How would they use fear of another one to manipulate or legislate people’s behavior.

Pray. Thank God for being in charge of planet and moon movement.

Read scripture and devotionals that remind us of our charges .

Meditate. Relax on the spinning planet. Visualize the miracle of gravity which allows us to stand on a spinning surface.

Warriors of Light remind people of the blessings we have and the powers we enjoy. Old warriors stand and smile.

Rest and Be Renewed

Children grow in their sleep. Rest is a healing force.

Out of our control isn’t it ? Don’t you hate it ? Learn to love it. Learn to depend on forces over which you have no control. Learn to rely on God . This reliance will make you stronger.

Pray for proper growth and healing.

Read good scripture and devotionals. Feed the good dog in your head again . He is always hungry.

Meditate on the good.

“Taps” was composed by a yankee adopted the rebels and loved by all. It signals the end of a day or a battle or a life. It signals a time for rest. Our strengths increase during rest.

Shackles of Delay

The shackles of delay beset only our mind. They do not stop God’s work or His love.

Time spent waiting can offer opportunities for reflection and appreciation. If your motives are right, even your mistakes will be used in His service. Pray. Have another conversation with One who knows. Read. Read scripture and devotionals to feed the good dog that lives in your head. Meditate. Reflect on what is good. Slowly now…

He also serves who only stands and waits.

Warriors of Light know that some of their most important duties require them to be still. To watch. To listen. To just be there.