Easy is Not a Street

Abundance demands stewardship. What looks like easy street from the outside requires investments. Of time, of thoughtfulness, of energy of money.

If you think a lottery win will solve your problems, you have problems a lottery win won’t solve.

Pray to gain humility and wisdom.

Read and maintain a sense of humor.

Meditate on your blessings.

Warriors of Light know that being trustworthy is the most exciting thing in the world !

Live in the Present

Stay in the present . It is the only moment worth living. Be kind. Remember who is in charge .

It is more of a miracle that the whole system works than a problem that one part needs healing.

Pray with gratitude. Repeat.

Read scripture. Memorize a bit to take with you on the dance of your day.

Meditate. Relax and know.

Warriors of Light know. Their smile will remind us that we know.

It’s Not Always About Us

She walked into the room without a smile. She passed without her usual greeting. The meeting started without a chance to chat. At first we took offense at the chilled response. Then we sorted and reviewed our interactions to find where we had failed to please. Finally the meeting ends. She shares about some deep concerns in her personal life. Surprise! It had nothing to do with us.

Pray to remember what other people are thinking is none of our business.

Read scripture and devotionals to keep our own thinking straight.

Meditate . Review the list of your blessings !

Warriors of Light use gratitude as a tool to easy the weight of adversity.

Joy in Service Makes Tasks Light

There is no haste in God’s plan. He does seem to have Angels which stop cars in the nick of time.  He presents opportunities which must be snatched as they pass but… When things seem to drag on and on, it is often to ready us for receiving.

Pray for guidance in the direction you are taking.

Read scripture and devotionals to adjust our focus.

Meditate.  Relax and center yourself. Respond to life with dignity and grace.

Warriors of Light know they are the children of the King. They know that “to whom much is given much is required.” The joy found in service makes the tasks seem light.

Attitude and Life

Created equal ? How ? John doesn’t look like Martha and Bobby is missing a leg. Equality lies in the opportunity to have the right attitude. We have a responsibility to dance in the light.

“Life is 95 percent your chosen reaction and 5 percent or less what actually happened.” A smile and a humble countenance cannot lose.

Pray before you rise. Thank Him for your opportunity even if your task seems a struggle.

Read scripture and learn more about who God is.

Meditate. Enjoy the stillness, the quiet when you stop.

Warriors of Light know that arrogance serves no one. That being humble is being “right-sized.”

Love and Loss and What’s Inside

Why does it hurt to lose them, when we know they have arrived where they belong ? The pain is real. It comes in waves, then abates and comes again.

Loving others allows us to see the love inside ourselves more clearly. It does not leave with them. Embrace the character that has been built. Feel its presence.

Pray to offer loved ones directions not instructions.

Read scripture and devotionals. Not everything is about us.

Meditate. Stop and appreciate the members of your team.

Warriors of Light see suffering as a vehicle of release. They help others change oil and keep the vehicle fueled with faith.

Prayer Makes it Possible

When it looks most impossible, surrender, pray, and watch it all fall into place.

Pray first thing.

Read upon awakening. Let scripture and devotionals set the rhythm of your day.

Meditate and relax. Enjoy the opportunity to be you.

Warriors of Light sometimes wonder who they are but they know who they are not.

Finishing What We Start

To carry a project to completion hones our character.  “To perform as promised ” is an attribute all dream of in themselves, their friends, their contracts and their purchases. A win for all simply abides in the description.

Pray. Be thankful for inspiration to do the right thing.

Read scripture. Value truth.

Meditate. Relax. Become.

Warriors of Light get to celebrate victories. Their celebration involves giving to others and collecting smiles and memories.

Time Is Our Most Valuable Possession

Wealth is freedom to give of ourselves. Wealth is the freedom of knowing we will always have enough as we share with others.

Time is our most valuable possession. Share it with those you treasure and those you share it with will become your treasures.

Pray for the welfare of others living and departed.

Read scripture and devotionals to stay your direction.

Meditate or seriously consider forgiveness of others as the key to your own peace.

Warriors of Light carry almost no personal possessions into battle. They serve almost full time.

Yet they always seem happy with a smile to share.

Our Forefathers Gave so we Could Have

Columbus found this new land. Our forefathers sacrificed lives and fortunes to make it free to worship. They fought the elements and the British to gain our opportunities.

Appreciate the wealth we are given by their choices.

Honor our position by making wise decisions.

Pray. Speak aloud with a voice of Thanksgiving.

Read scripture and devotionals. Read history.

Meditate on the magnificence of our resources.

Warriors of Light keep mole hills from becoming mountains. They refuse to add dirt.