As We Think, We Are

We are so funny ! When angered, we think harsh thoughts. Are we getting even by hurting our own minds ? Sometimes we lash out with ugly words. Who does this defile ?

“You have what you say you will have .”

“For as he thinketh, so is he.”

Pray to God as if speaking with your best friend.

Read scripture to gain instruction for dealing with feelings.

Meditate as a ritual. Meditate before acting or reacting to strong feelings.

Warriors of Light know feelings change. Circumstances change. God never changes .

Choosing the Path of Foregiveness

None of us behave properly in every moment. Mercy and forgiveness are great blessings. When we forgive, we forsake deciding the punishment.

Pray to forgive others as you wish to be forgiven. Don’t forget to forgive yourself.

Read scripture. Sink its message into your soul. Let its direction set the rhythm of your heartbeat.

Meditate. Don’t believe everything you think. Hush your mind long enough to listen.

Warriors of Light improve with training. Continued training results in continued performance.

Humility, Respect, Authority

Humility is being courteous. Respectful of others even when they are wrong.

Humility is the opposite of  unattractive arrogance.

“Humility is being right sized .”

Pray to change things. It is more effective than conversation.

Read scripture. Put down your long held beliefs and start with Proverbs and Psalms.

Meditate. Just stopping gives you authority in your day.

Warriors of Light recognize authority and rank. They respect wisdom found behind stripes and stars.

Sail in the Right Direction

Discipline is required to gain direction. Starting the day with a set procedure which makes Spiritual growth a priority will result in more spiritual growth.

“Set your sails lest the winds carry you astray.”

Pray. Talk to your Father as someone you would like to know better.

Read. Scripture will let us learn. Open scripture creates an environment enabling us to hear.

Warriors of Light hide scripture in their heart. It becomes part of their breath.

A Smile is a Special Kind of Wealth

Wealth is ours in the taste of the moment. Wealth can be found in another’s smile . Take delight in what you see. Share what you have.

Pray. Express gratitude. This enables arrival of more.

Read scripture. It holds the secrets, the truths, the keys.

Meditate. While still, reflect and relish the moment again, wrapped as it is and named the “present.”

Warriors of Light know the reality of dreams. Lacking the skills to listen, others must be shown. Be the example !

Invest Time and Love Wisely

Pick up a snake,  you may expect its bite.

Feed vampires ? What happens ?

Invest time and love wisely. Move away from dishonesty.  Hang with integrity.

Pray for wisdom and discernment in relationships.

Read scripture to gain vision and maturity.

Meditate. Be still and secure. Trust God.

Warriors of Light move with fellow troops. Those seeking real growth hang with those deeply involved and committed.

Our Battleground Mind

“One day the doctor will ask not what ails us but how is our thinking ?”

We must think responsibly.

Everything starts with thought. The well documented “placebo” effect heals because we think it will.

Pray for release from the bondage of Self.

Read scripture to give your thoughts a new rhythm.

Meditate. Quiet the Self. Feel the flow of peace.

Warriors of Light enjoy peace. But they watch ! They know “We war not against flesh but against principalities and powers.” The battleground is our mind.

Do The Next Right Thing, Repeat

There is a formula for success ! Do the next right thing. Now repeat. And repeat. This will give you right thinking which will lead to good feelings. Decisions based on principles, not feelings lead to success. * Pray. Simply talk to the Source.

Read scripture and devotionals to remind you of right and wrong.

Meditate. Stop the noise in your head  ! Relax and be.

Warriors of Light don’t walk on by. They help those that can be helped. They grieve that some won’t.


*The Twelve Step Recovery Program sings a similar tune

Peace of Mind

Sometimes we forget or become confused but…there are rules. Instructions for decisions and behavior. The rules are not for restraint but for freedom and peace of mind. Self respect and honor will afford prosperity.

Pray for clarity if confused.

Read scripture. Often your answers will dance on the page.

Meditate. That means to stop the worry and realize your success.

Warriors of Light know the power of thoughts. Discipline troops ! Keep it positive and moving forward!

As Vital as Breathing

Reminder – The unseen spiritual world plays key roles in our countenance, our welfare and our destiny. ” Snooze and lose.”  Ahem… “not making a decision is a decision.”

Pray. It is as vital as taking a breath.

Read scripture. Pick a piece and make it yours. Internalize it.

Meditate. Rest in His arms. He has your back.

Warriors of Light gird their loins with Truth. They utilize their shields of Faith. They don their helmets of salvation. When the fiery darts come, they are at the ready