Time Is Our Most Valuable Possession

Wealth is freedom to give of ourselves. Wealth is the freedom of knowing we will always have enough as we share with others.

Time is our most valuable possession. Share it with those you treasure and those you share it with will become your treasures.

Pray for the welfare of others living and departed.

Read scripture and devotionals to stay your direction.

Meditate or seriously consider forgiveness of others as the key to your own peace.

Warriors of Light carry almost no personal possessions into battle. They serve almost full time.

Yet they always seem happy with a smile to share.

Our Forefathers Gave so we Could Have

Columbus found this new land. Our forefathers sacrificed lives and fortunes to make it free to worship. They fought the elements and the British to gain our opportunities.

Appreciate the wealth we are given by their choices.

Honor our position by making wise decisions.

Pray. Speak aloud with a voice of Thanksgiving.

Read scripture and devotionals. Read history.

Meditate on the magnificence of our resources.

Warriors of Light keep mole hills from becoming mountains. They refuse to add dirt.

Care for Yourself and Others

Untrustworthy in little things means untrustworthy in big things. At issue is condition of the heart.

Be fastidious in caring for others. Care for yourself or end up unable to care for anyone.

Eat well, exercise and rest. Feed on the Word of God. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Pray for your brothers and sisters to have all that you wish for yourself.

Read scripture. Write a devotional.

Meditate on your direction.

Warriors of Light take delight in serving. They earn other’s trust. It is then worn as a badge of honor.

Practice to Improve

Bacteria living between the  teeth and gums produce acid which degrades enamel. Regular flossing disrupts this. No care, no teeth.

The fingers must repeat the path on the keyboard to know their way.  No practice,  no great concerts.

Pray to seek excellence.

Read scripture to learn it’s value and devotionals to find implementation.

Meditate on the result. See it. Gain it ! Direct the heart !

Warriors of Light prepare for battle. Helping others with their skirmishes builds momentum for righteous victory.

Tending the Garden

Complacency is not an option for spiritual growth and good  relationships.

Things must be tended.

Even a well planted, well tended garden gets weeds.

Weeds block the Sunlight of the Spirit.

Pray that you find continued inspiration.

Read and learn how to buttress your position.

Warriors of Light welcome opportunities for growth.

Suffering is a great resource. Certainly under appreciated but always resulting in growth

Green Pastures and Still Waters

We are either moving forward or backward in our spiritual growth. We do enjoy the green pastures by the still waters but our position must be maintained.

Pray for inspiration and energy to continue the march.

Read to learn more about walking upright .

Meditate. Listen. God speaks through other people.

Warriors of Light recognize the message. They cherish its importance, it’s delivery, its signs.

Let Go and Let God

Do not take tomorrow’s troubles into today. The plan for you includes enough nourishment and strength for one day at a time. Sometimes we try to shoulder responsibilities that are not our own.

“Let go and let God. ”

Pray for guidance in your in your day. Pray as one of your responsibilities.

Read scripture old and new.

While you are reading God can reach your heart with his messages.

Meditate. Remember who you are. Continue to blossom.

Warriors of Light know how to move with the ebb and flow. They keep extra troops in reserve.

Truth in the Balance

Men are stimulated by sight and touch. Women are stimulated by words and touch.  Men are more rational and less talkative. Women are more emotional and more talkative. Truth is found in the balance between the two .

Pray to recognize the right path for you.

Read scripture and devotionals find proper motivation.

Meditate… seriously consider your actions.

Warriors of Light recognize a spirit by its fruits.

“Apples do no not fall far from the tree.”

The Other Shoe Is Already on the Floor

Decisions based on feelings  are not always wise. The consequences may be immediate or may show themselves slowly. Decisions based on principles of honesty, faith, courage, trust, loyalty and service to God leave one unworried about when the other shoe will drop. All the shoes are already on the floor !

Pray before making unwise decisions. Enjoy peace of mind, Read scripture to find answers if confused.

Meditate. Feel the peace that envelops a wise path.

Warriors of Light use discipline to keep emotions from leading down the wrong path. Trust insures their footing.

Welcoming Change

Leaves look green but they really hold three colored compounds. Either the shorter days or cooler winds kill the chlorophyll, oh my !

Not to worry, the reds of carotene or yellows of xanthophyll dance next to the sky for glory in the Fall.

Pray to recognize that change and death can bring forth beauty.

Read scripture and devotionals because change is tough.

Meditate on all the other changes it took to grow this far.

Warriors of Light train for change. They steady themselves with ritual and offerings to their maker.