Find Your Path and Follow It

Part of “growing up” is learning how to handle things . Part of spiritual growth is learning to trust that things will get handled. Our responsibility is to do our best and accept the outcome.” Easy to say, hard to do, practice, practice, practice.”

Pray for the right motives.

Read scripture. Fill the mind from good sources.

Meditate. Relax while breathing deeply and slowly. Let the mind clear.

Warriors of Light know the path was worn utilizing solid principles. They follow the path finding progress in their hearts.

Change the World with Prayer

“More important than being the best is being available.”

Stay in the moment. “Keep your mind where you hands are.” Hear and listen.  Leave your heart open.

See the opportunities to be of service. Be of service.

Pray and talk to Him like He is someone you know. Watch Him become someone you know.

Read scripture to learn more about yourself.

Meditate on the treasures of your day.

Warriors of Light know that waiting is being of service.

A small word of reassurance can make a hero.

Prayer can change a world.

Take His Hand for the Adventure of the Day

The “angst” is all in our mind ! The restlessness and fear is in our heads. Taking His hand for the adventure of the day brings joy.

It does not eliminate the negatives from our minds it disarms them. It keeps them under wraps and allows us to cherish the moment.

Pray. Talk to someone who cares about you. Someone you can trust.

Read scripture. See that most of the heroes were ordinary folk who employed some trust.

Meditate. Be still in the middle of it all. Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly. The effort will be blessed.

Warriors of Light use perspective as a guide. They use gratitude and Praise as cleats to put a stable spring into their steps.

Give up Past Assumptions to Turn on the Power

Willingness to break past old assumptions is more powerful than the flow of a pent up river through a dam turning a turbine for power production. Willingness can release the power of God into the hidden pockets of our mind and life.

Pray and turn on the power !

Read scripture and learn about the switches and directions of your life’s adventure.

Meditate and realize your potential, your path.

Warriors of Light are their own worst enemy. Their shout to find victory is “Lord, get me out of thy way that I may be in thy will !”

Share Your Life with Friends

Invest in your relationships, family, friends, the people who make up your day. Hold the smile they are looking for and compliment their efforts at life.

“Life is not easy at any age.” The people in your day are treasures and building blocks for your identity.

Pray and thank Him for the power to be nice.

Read. Explore Proverbs. “Reap what you sow.”

Meditate. Stop thinking and moving. Breathe deeply.

Warriors of Light find their joy in being of service to others. This leads them to a cloud of prosperity. Sharing etches the goodness of the day into the heart.

Part of Life

Choose the best response !

Make someone’s day ! We are a moving interactive part of someone’s life and our own. Be willing to go with the flow of joy and to resist the negative involvement with a confident smile.

Pray. Express gratitude for the protection and opportunities afforded by Him.

Read scripture and educate your heart with His purpose.

Meditate. Realize being a “part of” not “apart from” the family before you.

Warriors of Light employ a response before reaction. Their training is based on principles not feelings. The choice of a good response allows proper thinking and results in satisfying feelings.

People are Jewel Boxes

“The value of a relationship with someone is best decided by our own personal experience.”

We hear this or that about Uncle Ix and we treat him as if it were true. Years later we find out he is a very nice guy that we missed getting to know.

We hear this or that about people in the news.  Bad news gets higher ratings.

Pray to get the real news for life.

Read scripture and discover the endless tools for purpose and joy in life.

Meditate. Slow it down. Silence the committee. Just be still. Just be.

Warriors of Light stop in their rush and visit. They find that people are jewel boxes. If treated kindly the best facets will catch the light. What a joy to see and share the best in others.


Improve by Joining with Others

Playing tennis with better players improves the game. Reading His Word with people who have studied such gives improved perspective. We play a better game when we know the secrets and the instructions.

“Two or more gathered together

touching in agreement shall have what they ask.” There is power and learning in joining with others.

Pray and be led to find answers.

Read scripture with an open heart.

Meditate. This means stop other mental activities for a few and just breathe.

Warriors of Light know only their part of the battle plan. They trust more seasoned warriors and they learn. They spend off time with experienced trusted souls.

Practice Giving It Your Best

Practice improves the moves ! Practice kindness and generosity. Watch the flow of your life fill with kindness and generosity.

Practice thoughtfulness and wisdom. See the flow and the direction.

You can’t lose by giving it your best.

Pray even without belief and wisdom will come.

Read scripture and let Him tell you personally. Give it a minute or two to sink in.

Meditate. Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly. If you fall asleep practice another day.

Warriors of Light know the benefits of soaking. It takes product application and a little time but the results are amazing.

Gratitude is Your Friend

Gratitude is forceful. Gratitude irons out the one little wrinkle in today’s bed while reaching into the past to improve old relationships. Gratitude is your friend.

Pray and talk to the Guy in charge. Thank him. Look for His smile in your day.

Read scripture. Learn about the tools for improvement.

Meditate. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Repeat. Trust that this will improve your attitude.

Warriors of Light continually use gratitude and Praise as tools to sharpen their perspective.

Behold His power in your heart. It’s an inside job !