Taking An Honest Look at Ourselves

So quickly we forget how we erred. Our attention is on others. We can see them so clearly. It is hard to look at ourselves. Why, first we must turn around, then open our eyes. We must actually do it without laziness or procrastination. And Lord have mercy, we have to be honest ! Oh my, then we must be willing to change. It is a lot easier to look away, at the others.

Pray for the willingness to be childlike in our desire to grow up.

Read scripture. Its books are about “our Father”. Learn more about our family.

Meditate. This means a halt to other activity, deep breathing and closed eyes.

Warriors of Light may find that a small step, something they are used to, is a Childlikehuge step for their brother. They must be ready to help.

Action Begets Motivation

“Action begets motivation !”

“Getting started is the only battle .”

Decisions don’t change lives. It is the repeated action that changes our thinking and then our feelings follow.

Pray for guidance. “If you don’t have a ‘higher power’ keep praying. You will be contacted !”

Read scripture. This builds faith.

Meditate. Really close your eyes for a few while inhaling deeply.

Warriors of Light find life to be an adventure filled with miracles. Even the darkest days hold treasures !

Make Decisions Based on Principles

“A prudent man learns from his own experience. A wise man learns from the experience of others.” Listen, watch, and make decisions based on principles not feelings.

Pray and just talk to Him. Practice and enjoy knowing that He does hear.

Read scripture. See examples of good and poor decisions.

Meditate. Relax. Closed eyes and deep breathing will take you there.

Warriors of Light know that no matter how far off track they have gone,

moving in the right direction will bring them home.

Pray to See the Positive Side

“Problems are opportunities !” We are given the chance to behave well while enduring. This makes us part of the solution. Made easier by the employment of gratitude and Praise, be the encouraging narrator instead of the victim.

We have the choice !

Pray to see the positive side.

Read scripture and collect phrases to use as staffs and spears.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and slowly more than once.

Warriors of Light know the battle to be already won. The skirmishes we encounter, the enemies we face, the losses we suffer are our creations. Seeing our part softens the blows. Forgiveness is salve to the wounds.

Take Care of Yourself So You Can Help Others

Doing for others sometimes allows us to be lazy about doing for ourselves. And it looks so good on the outside ! We often fool ourselves.

“Put your own oxygen mask on first.” If you are not breathing you can’t help anyone else.

Keep your own house in order.

“Pray upon awakening.” Ask for guidance and direction.

Read scripture. Edify your spirit.

Meditate. Breathe deeply. Exhale slowly. Repeat.

Warriors of Light know that their spiritual side requires daily feeding. Today’s battles require today’s efforts.

Relationships, cultivated, have deeper roots

“Appreciation is increase in value. ” Relationships, appreciated, increase in value.

Gardens are cultivated for deeper roots. Relationships, cultivated, have deeper roots.

Lacking roots ? Cultivate  relationships!

Pray. It is safe to say what you are really thinking and feeling.

Read scripture. See the words on the page hear the words in your heart.

Meditate. Close your eyes. Trust that the world will spin without your attention.

Warriors of Light know Who is in charge. They accept the fact that it is not them.

Start with Small Things

“Attitude is an angle of approach.” Now it sounds easier to change. Feelings seem harder to change.

“The right actions bring right thinking followed eventually by right feelings.”

Pray to take the right actions.

Read scripture. Educate the heart. Build trust.

Meditate. Slowly inhale deeply with closed eyes. More than once.

Warriors of Light practice trust in their training. They start with small things. He shines through their weakness and builds strength.

Letting Go the Part That is Broken

How can He fix it if you won’t let go ?  Just like a child’s toy our hands, minds, and line of thought must release the broken piece.  It is lifted to the Father. He knows the care and fix for everything. He knows what is best.

Keep a cheerful spirit and a grateful heart ! Give Thanks !

Pray first thing or start over. Prayer works.

Read scripture. Even a few words offer peace.

Meditate. More important than it seems. Stop moving and inhale deeply. Close the eyelids.

Warriors of Light open scripture and watch the evil one flee. They internalize and memorize lil phrases. Stored for later use they offer protection from darkness.

Just Breathe

“We create our own reality and our own problems simply by what we put or allow in our life.”

Don’t think about the problems.

Think about goodness, truth,

love, life, great weather, warm showers, good hugs and the smile of a loved one.

Pray.  Praise Him. Thank Him.

Enjoy life !

Read scripture. It doesn’t all make sense to us but reading it will feed the spirit in ways we do not understand.

Meditate. Stop thinking about yourself and difficulties. Just breathe.

Warriors of Light think about aspects of the good, aspects of God. This leaves them the energy to battle the real enemy. It deters them from creating new ones.

Find Your Path and Follow It

Part of “growing up” is learning how to handle things . Part of spiritual growth is learning to trust that things will get handled. Our responsibility is to do our best and accept the outcome.” Easy to say, hard to do, practice, practice, practice.”

Pray for the right motives.

Read scripture. Fill the mind from good sources.

Meditate. Relax while breathing deeply and slowly. Let the mind clear.

Warriors of Light know the path was worn utilizing solid principles. They follow the path finding progress in their hearts.