He Will Bring Light

March on ! When it feels cold He will warm your heart with His Word.

When it seems impossibly dark He will bring light. In fact your smile and reflection of His trust may warm and bring light to the whole picture.

Pray to gain strength.

Read Psalm 91 and be refreshed.

Meditate on your blessings.

Warriors of Light know to eat properly and rest before the march. They must remind each other to eat and drink cautiously after the march. They remember that victory is already in possession.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

“Don’t worry. Be happy. ” How ?

So many voices crowd your head. Issues follow you. There is so much that needs to be done.  Really ?

Time is your gift. Use it wisely.

Taste the moment you hold.

Rejoice. Be happy that you are able. Now remind your face to smile. Watch the people smile in return !

“Don’t worry. Be happy.”

Pray. Enjoy the privilege.

Read scripture. Gain reasons for your joy.

Meditate. Breathe slowly . Just feel the moment.

Warriors of Light stop the noise of concern by looking up to their Father. They know the game has been won. Fear and doubt still shout from the stands but nothing blocks us from the goal line.

Don’t come to the feast table of life and starve to death

“Don’t come to the feast table of life and starve to death .” There is something for you in every moment.

“Don’t let them steal your joy ! ”

Trust Him. Hold onto His hand as you trudge up the hill or face the lion.

Your privilege is to allow Him to equip you for the battle.

Pray to be reminded that the burdens are not yours to carry.

Read scripture. Watch it strengthen you and guide your steps.

Meditate. Inhale deeply. Taste the moment. Be refreshed.

Warriors of Light relish difficulties as opportunities.

Their resilience shines more brightly while moving through a cloud and even brighter in the midst of doubt.

Light Unto Thy Path

Joy is your opportunity ! You are loved and designed with purpose. Receive it and maintain your sanity, your peace of mind.

We are all equal in our ability to choose the right attitude. Start your day with the “right angle of approach ” and like a ray of sunlight, you can be where the darkness disappears.

Pray. Call upon Him. You are built to receive His blessings. You can receive more if you are turned His way.

Read scripture. It holds keys to many doors in your life.

Meditate. Stop what you “think” you should be doing. Just be. Just listen to the quiet.

Warriors of Light ask to be of service. They find joy as they climb the way.

He is a “Lamp unto thy feet and a Light unto thy path.”

A Most Fabulous Journey

You are on a fabulous journey ! There is a plan for you and a purpose for you.  If you feel busy and a bit overwhelmed you are privileged. Our only enemies are fear, doubt and pride. They make such  a clamor in our heads ! They form committees and demand worry.

They can be silenced by Praise and gratitude. Peace can be availed with humility. Prayer works  !

Pray for understanding and acceptance of the privileges you are offered.

Read scripture. Yes, reading the instructions can seem demanding but the results are obvious.

Meditate. Slow down. Inhale deeply. Repeat .

Warriors of Light enjoy the journey. They laugh and love and take time to listen. Friends are the treasures and trust is the prize !

Feast on the Goodness in Life

Feast on the goodness in life !

Even the pain and heartache are for the purpose of making the desirable fruit shine.

Feast on your labor and relish your ability to focus, to perform.

Feast on the variety of people, how they make you smile !

Laugh at yourself ! Laugh with God ! He knows you !

Pray to enjoy and to cheer with appreciation!

Read Psalms this week ! Find the treasures and the reassurance.

Warriors of Light know the battle is in the mind. Their dance diminishes the power of the adversary !

Great Peace Belongs to You

Great peace belongs to you !

Don’t let fear and doubt take the joy out of your journey. Don’t let resentments mark your memories.  See the adventures offered you today !

With your choice of the right attitude or “angle of approach ” you will see that even your disappointments hold treasures.

Enjoy this great life with humility, Praise and Thanksgiving !

Pray and express yourself freely.

Read scripture and learn that the lessons of life can be digested more easily under His shadow.

Meditate. All the battles are in our minds. Give your mind rest with still and deep breathing .

Warriors of Light rejoice frequently with the knowledge that this action produces powerful thoughts ! Right thinking wins the day !

God Holds Your Hand

The battle has been won ! The only remaining enemy is in our mind ! The tasks that lie before us are complicated only by our reflection on the “buts ” and the “what ifs ?”. Pull your trusts from your back pocket and march on ! He has got this !

Take a little time to be amazed,


Pray to remember He is holding your hand. We made the mess but He will clean it up .

Read scripture. Become familiar with His Word. “Lean not upon thine own understanding.”

Meditate. Relax. Realize you are in a great position. Enjoy.

Warriors of Light stay in the present. Solutions can be seen and reached in the present !

“Keep your mind where your hands are.”

The Gift of Perseverance

Don’t give up ! Enjoy the gift of perseverance. Let it weave into your thoughts and your heart. You will see Him winking at you, with help from a stranger or a perfect breeze of encouragement. Don’t give up or give in to the thoughts attacking your mind. Keep going ! The highest prize is being trustworthy !

Pray. Empty your cares and fears and resentments to the Master.

Read scripture and be reminded that the treasures are in the journey and the growth.

Meditate. Rest in His security.

Warriors of Light rejoice in the adventure of each difficulty. It takes difficulties to forge real strength. Don’t give up !

A Beautiful Place

The world is a beautiful place ! Keep your mind on the good. Keep your mind in the moment. This stance is attractive !

Smile ! People will return your smile.

Be kind . People will return your kindness. Sometimes it takes awhile. Keep your side of the street clean. You can see the world is a beautiful place !

Pray. Prayer works. Even without belief, prayer works.

Read scripture. Renew your mind. Faith can be built.

Meditate. Stop whatever you are doing and be still. Breathe deeply. Inhale life filled with opportunities.

Warriors of Light march on. They give others a lift and it elevates them. Things look even better from up here !