God is in Charge

Imagine the surprise and fear of people who are not alerted to expect an eclipse of the sun. Who will they blame ? How would they use fear of another one to manipulate or legislate people’s behavior.

Pray. Thank God for being in charge of planet and moon movement.

Read scripture and devotionals that remind us of our charges .

Meditate. Relax on the spinning planet. Visualize the miracle of gravity which allows us to stand on a spinning surface.

Warriors of Light remind people of the blessings we have and the powers we enjoy. Old warriors stand and smile.

Rest and Be Renewed

Children grow in their sleep. Rest is a healing force.

Out of our control isn’t it ? Don’t you hate it ? Learn to love it. Learn to depend on forces over which you have no control. Learn to rely on God . This reliance will make you stronger.

Pray for proper growth and healing.

Read good scripture and devotionals. Feed the good dog in your head again . He is always hungry.

Meditate on the good.

“Taps” was composed by a yankee adopted the rebels and loved by all. It signals the end of a day or a battle or a life. It signals a time for rest. Our strengths increase during rest.

Shackles of Delay

The shackles of delay beset only our mind. They do not stop God’s work or His love.

Time spent waiting can offer opportunities for reflection and appreciation. If your motives are right, even your mistakes will be used in His service. Pray. Have another conversation with One who knows. Read. Read scripture and devotionals to feed the good dog that lives in your head. Meditate. Reflect on what is good. Slowly now…

He also serves who only stands and waits.

Warriors of Light know that some of their most important duties require them to be still. To watch. To listen. To just be there.

Make Trust a Habit

There is no way to lose ! Trust will break through confusion or calamity. The human brain works best at 76 degrees, while fed and rested (and 26 years old) Our job is to pray and trust and “march on” !

Pray and practice talking to the ruler of the universe in person.

Read scripture and devotionals to keep your heart lifted and eyes open.

Meditate. Breathe in the security offered you.

Warriors of Light depend on habits.

Something done properly once and then again and again becomes habit. The discipline offers freedom. Lack of discipline leaves one constrained.

A Puzzle. a Solution

Yesterday it seemed so familiar, but today it seems a puzzle. I am sure that I hit the same button, but I don’t get the same results.

Perhaps it is not my place to be in charge. Stand back, take a breath, get a new angle. Or, get a good night’s sleep. Suddenly it works!

Pray to realize which are God’s chores and which are yours.

Read scripture for clarification. Read devotionals to make it an adventure.

Meditate. Can you see it happening? Use your imagination. See it happening. Your odds of success just doubled.

Warriors of Light are trained over time to realize success. At first they receive declaration of the mission. Often it is given a name. The warrior’s part is not to see the big picture but to follow orders in the plan.

There is great delight in being a “part of” rather than “apart from”.


“Forgiveness doesn’t justify what they did. It keeps it from destroying your heart.”

Praise, verbal and aloud helps a lot! Gratitude once again, takes the “sting” out of adversity. Rejoice that it isn’t your turn to face fault. That is worse. We arrogantly refuse to forgive ourselves.

Pray for a tender heart.

Read scripture to educate your heart.

Meditate. Be glad. Betrayal is really a great compliment.

You can’t steal from a Warrior of Light. Everything he owns He provides.

No Need for Regrets

No need for regrets. The right attitude today improves our past, present and future. Childhood gets better including high school. The situation at hand is more comfortable. Hope shows its strength !

Pray for understanding of your role and declare it funded.

Read scripture and devotionals to center yourself.

Meditate. Relax. Breathe deeply. Listen to your breath for awhile.

Warriors of Light are careful with their words. A kind word and a smile can refresh the soul.

Worrier or Warrior?

“It takes one half of a lethal dose to educate a human.”

We want to do it our way. We entangle ourselves in the “shoulds “and “oughts ” of life. Taking advice is hard ? Why ?

Pray for willingness. The willingness of a child learning how to find candy.

Read devotionals and scripture. “Taste and see the goodness of the Lord.”

Meditate. Sit still and be thankful for all that you have.

Worrier or warrior ? Your choice .

Warriors of Light practice trusting. Each day they find a new chance to trust earlier. Each day finds a new cause for joy.

Greatly Improved Childhood

“Pride and arrogance cloud our vision. Humility clears the view.”

Even the past looks better from a humble perspective. My childhood has greatly improved.

Pray for clarity and perspective.

Learn to forgive.

Read scripture to remind yourself who you are. Read devotionals and enjoy who you are .

Meditate on how you can carry this information to focus during your day.

Warriors of Light do not enjoy laziness . They use their down time for rest and preparation. They may be distant but the sounds of battle are clear


Perseverance allows us to build God’s qualities in our heart. Directed properly it establishes strength and fortitude.

Don’t give up on your dreams ! Follow your calling !

Pray for wisdom and discernment.

Read scripture and devotionals. Keep your sails set in the right direction.

Meditate. Visualize success and peace.

Warriors of Light must accept the weight of their equipment. It must be shouldered evenly for the long haul. The itch to shake it off and travel unfettered, wisely develops into use of and reliance on the tools carried in the pack.