Sunlight of the Spirit

Offered to us is life and peace. Add love and find Joy. Trust turns on the Sunlight of the Spirit enabling a good view of the best choices. Even if caught in the shade of self centeredness we are but one turn and one step away from the Light.

Pray and hear Him listening.

Read scripture; instructions and records of answered prayers.

Meditate, it will soften your version of anxiety.

Warriors of Light dance in the Light of the Spirit and find gifts of Life and Peace. They reach a hand out to those in the shade waiting for the other shoe to drop. Easy choice, dance or run for cover.

Accept Changes to Your Plan

Put it in to get it out ! Make a habit of starting the day with Goodness by looking up with Thanksgiving before arising. Let your first words be ones of Praise. Make lists to keep the mind on track. Allow Him to direct by accepting changes to plans.

Pray and let thy requests be known before getting anxious. Too late for that ? Pray to let thy requests be  known and relax.

Read scripture for renewal and reminding of priorities.

Meditate as a habit. Watch the time thought unavailable become available.

Warriors of Light know the mind is a battleground. They use His Word for Power, Protection and Enthusiasm. Their energy and Joy can be seen from afar and felt upon nearing. They put Him in their day, guess what comes out in their smiles ?

Be Treated Kindly in Return

Speak kindly to all and be treated kindly in return. Some require repeated application but kindness wins !

Designed to work and love, move forward and love your work. Praise Him, He lives in the Praises. He can reshape us or the situations.

Pray to make your requests known unto Him. Watch the changes.

Read scripture and note that not everything happens by Tuesday.

Meditate daily and relax in the reality offered you.

Warriors of Light know that He speaks through others. They are willing to listen, trained to keep perspective, willing to change or maintain formation. His Praises offer a great cadence for acceptance and marching through life.

Pray to Float in the Wave of Blessings Offered

There is a design, a purpose and a plan. Part of the plan may hold current disbelief or unwillingness to take part. When finally reaching bottom we look up and He is waiting. Just a crack in the armor is all it takes for The Light to enter.

Pray to float in the wave of blessings offered.

Read scripture as Faith comes from hearing and renewal of the mind.

Meditate upon Goodness and watch it blossom.

Warriors of Light bear scars suffered in the darkness. These marks carry no weight or drag. Growing in the Light puts pains and scars to use as fertilizer. They are broken down and no longer recognizable. Visible is only the Joy of His Love and the open hand offered for others.

Pray to Him as If You are His Favorite Child.

Humility wins ! It is attractive, engaging, and always well received. Humility softens the hearts of others providing unforeseen opportunities. Humility allows Him to work for us and through us carrying our burdens and our old baggage.

Pray to Him as if you are His favorite child.

Read scripture old or new. Embrace its wisdom with action.

Meditate daily and make each day new and refreshed.

Warriors of Light know that He will carry our pain. Quietly pride demands suffering as a mark of depth or quality of injuries. Healing is a mark of our Trust in Him.

All Paths Start With But One Step

Paths are chosen with thoughts and decisions. Good decisions will weave together over time into baskets of opportunity. Coated with Trust in Him these baskets become filled with Serenity and Love. They will weather any storm. All paths start with but one step.

Pray for His input on which way to turn. Watch Him wink.

Read scripture and put pieces of it into your Heart. It is free and fashionable in any foxhole.

Meditate often and find the Power in relaxation.

Warriors of Light use His strength to carry burdens and watch their thinking improve with each next, right step.

Just a Smile

Start small and fill each moment with Light. Just a smile can start it all, lead to pleasant interactions and observations revealing His Goodness. Great pain can lose its weight with a diet of smiles and joy. Praise and Thanksgiving keep pain from becoming tragic.

Pray and remember the only reality is in this moment with the privilege of speaking personally with The Creator.

Read scripture and discover that He made it all for you desiring only your fellowship.

Meditate. No one has the time unless they take the time.

Warriors of Light are legion. The sparkle in their eye displays their Joy. Their open hand displays their Humility. They await visits with gifts or joint projects depending on our angle of approach.

Easy to Say, Hard to Do, Practice

Dependably do the necessary then Trust Him for the outcome.

Easy to say, hard to do, practice improves this angle of approach.

Everything is in  favor of simply allowing Our Father to continue His love for us.

Pray and speak to Him. He values prayers so much that He savors and saves each one.

Read scripture to find purpose.

Meditate and contemplate the richness of life. Its time belongs to us.

Warriors of Light use Praise and Thanksgiving to set the stage for each day. They use Humility to grease interactions and Acceptance to gain Peace. They grow more beautiful each day in His love.

Find Yourself Becoming What You Were Meant To Be

Choose The Light, it is a choice. The Light allows us to see and feed, to grow and share, to be protected. Seek the Light with an open heart. Find yourself becoming what you were meant to be.

Pray and watch Him answer. Pray to accept the answer.

Read scripture. It has been preserved by many for many.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax. It is a privilege of being in the Light.

Warriors of Light have enjoyed training and received the benefits of holding His Hand. They glow and walk with confidence. They keep what they have and even gain more by giving it away freely.

Good Times are Green Pastures

Actions and inaction have consequences which cause the heart to grow or harden. With Him as the CEO there are no injustices or tragedies, only opportunities for growth. Appearances may differ but all things work for the good of His purposes.

Pray to understand the benefits of change.

Read scripture. Just having the books open will change the perspective.

Meditate on the Goodness in life.

Warriors of Light know that growth is measured by the warmth of their smile and their generosity. Hard times forge their spiritual weapons and practice their moves. Good times are green pastures. Constant are the times for Praise and Thanksgiving.