Relax and Watch the World Spin Without Your Control

He is with us everyday and awaits our acknowledgement with Joy.  There is a lesson in every moment even if the lesson is just to ease the next person’s struggle. March on with Trust and keep marching until you can hear the music and the miracle happens.

Pray because He loves being loved by you.

Read scripture, it contains the answers.

Meditate. Relax and watch the world spin without your control.

Warriors of Light are trained to march. The rhythm of their fellows keeps their time. They feast  on  comradery in camp and their Trust in the Commander is always rewarded.

Relax While Letting Things Fall into Place

Even an accident or wrong decision can work to the good of those who place Him and His other children as a priority. He is Love bridled with strength and wisdom. There is no possibility of loss with Him on our side. His Mercy is everlasting.

Pray and converse with the one who Loves our dependence.

Read scripture to learn the attributes and power of Humility.

Meditate on the Goodness in Life and relax while letting things fall into place.

Warriors of Light know that sometimes they must stay out of His way to be in His will. Amazingly He is entirely capable of looking after His flock. Nothing is too difficult for Him.

Life’s Lessons are Individually Designed for Growth

Life’s lessons are individually designed for growth. We are not in a play-box but a school for the Heart.  Feeling so unique and different, we are sure that no one would truly understand, then we hear our story from another and we know we are healing.

Pray because it is in this conversation that we find clarity.

Read scripture to find the meaning of your adventures and guidelines for progress and safety.

Meditate especially when you think you don’t need it or have time.

Warriors of Light know the whole show of life is designed to inspire looking for The Source. Simply seeking Him allows everything else to fall into place. Look for Him first upon awakening and each day will end with an increase of health, wealth, Life and Peace.

Take the High Road and Be the Best You Can

Take the high road and be the best you can with your next step.

Step into His Light and use His strength! Drop all the old thoughts of mistakes past and fear of rules. Pick up the marching gear so freely offered and designed just for you. Realize that within His Light there is Life and Peace.

Pray because He awaits you with Joy saved with your name on it.

Read scripture to find there is nothing He hasn’t heard with understanding.

Meditate. Be still and watch Him hold up the planet for a few.

Warriors of Light know that He lives in their heart. His Light, Strength and Salvation are ours for the taking. Nothing is too difficult for Him or for us with Him. Joy Joy !

Observe What People Do, Not What They Say

Joy in relationships is found with increased acceptance and lowered expectations. Pain usually arrives with our own self centered list (which was not included for them in our initial interview or the unwritten memos we have sent).  Instead,  pray to Him before all contact, smile with those you enjoy and be kind to those you think wish to hurt you.

Pray at the start of everything for improved results.

Read scripture for better understanding of others.

Meditate for best performance and better understanding of yourself.

Warriors of Light sometimes pretend to have turned the volume off. They observe what people do, not what they say.

Boiling out expectations they add two cups of forgiveness, mix with love, bake in honesty, and everything tastes better!

We are Never More Than One Step Away From the Right Direction

We all face the same battles no matter how different our circumstances. We wish to find love, purpose and peace of mind.

Searching the world for this leads to superficial results. Searching under His wings while holding His hand brings true growth and lasting results.

Pray to express your desires and concerns where the Listener  has some real Power.

Read scripture to gain clues on maintaining the best position.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax in His arms.

Warriors of Light know that He has eyes going to and fro looking for hearts that desire His touch. He can redeem even the poorest of decisions. We are never more than one step away from the right direction.

The Only Way to Look is Up

Secrets make us sick. They may seem minor but hidden they grow and fester. They also display themselves in ways discernible by the astute. Secrets put a damper on our spirits that leads to depression. Depression is simply fear without any zeal.

Pray and open up to Him, even though He knows already, acknowledgment begins the management.

Read scripture find that weakness allows His strength to shine.

Meditate and relax with the Author of your breath.

Warriors of Light come mostly from the fallen who have gone so low that the only way to look is up. He has taken their hand.

We couldn’t.

He could.

Let’s let Him.

Find Best Results When You Have no Time

Exercise changes the chemistry of the blood, meditation changes the chemistry of the brain, humility changes the chemistry of the heart offering us the opportunity to be healthy, serene and forgiving.

Pray for proper perspective.

Read scripture and knit His Word in your day.

Meditate and find best results when you have no time.

Warriors of Light start their day with a search for Him. His Mercy is everlasting.  He knows every whisker on your face and every step you are about to take. Turning to Him first will gain His Light illuminating situations and allowing better decisions.

He is Always Available to Hold Our Hand

Things are new every morning and often a good night’s rest can change our minds, our perspective, our strength and our opportunities. Prayer changes things and He is always available to hold our hand.

Pray and let Him manage the day’s difficulties.

Read scripture and find His assurance no matter how unusual your pocket of reality seems to be.

Meditate and relax in who you really are. Let the whole quality assessment rest for a few.

Warriors of Light know that helping others lifts their own spirits. Warriors know that they are trained for a reason. Paths are loaded with potholes sometimes designed to twist the foot. Proper placement of thoughts and words allows dependence on Him. This is the safest place to be and the Light is brightest here.

Choose to React Kindly Even When Hurt

Choose to react kindly even when hurt and heroically dissipate the pain. Look up for your validation and know that you are well made with a plan. Improve what you have been given with study and practice.

Smile as you shed the need for validation by anyone but Him. Learn that you are not less than but more than enough when you allow His Love to fill your cup.

Pray and let Him run the show.

Read scripture and declare His protection in your soul.

Meditate and discover Him in your corner with water, bandages and a little aspercreme.

Warriors of Light still get bruised and bleed but they know they are in training.  They let His Power heal them as they rest under His wings. Repeated, this treatment allows His Light to shine ever more brilliantly in their lives.