The View is Great From the Top of the Ridge

Gratitude is a tool, verbalized it is Praise, both are as pitons, roped they allow the heart to climb away from the crevice of self pity. The view is great from the top of the ridge and the Way is cleared for you. His angels, ( the ones that amaze you when you drive), are on guard lest you dash your foot upon a stone. Your choice…

ignore or enjoy.

Pray, even without belief, the unbelievable can be invoked.

Read scripture, it was recorded for your advantage.

Meditate as a habit. Time taken here will draw you closer to your goals than continued activity.

Warriors of Light, also, fight the committee in the battleground of the mind. When tired they look up and report their faith and feel confident to ask that He look also upon their unbelief. Rewards lie in the seeking.

Unpredictably You Have Arrived Exactly Where You Need to Be

Be responsible each day and then let Him be responsible for the outcome. Unpredictably you have arrived exactly where you need to be cushioned by His love. Not everyone can see this, those that do sleep well and help others. There are no coincidences, there is synchronicity and it reveals our lessons.

Pray and ask. Seek Him with but an eyelash of energy and watch His Light spread through the crack and show the way.

Read scripture and feed on prayers laid down for your Good  before you arrived.

Meditate. Can’t be still ? Then move with prayer, move with the rhythm of His Love.

Warriors of Light know His voice and hear His encouragement. Many require training to see, hear  and  follow  the Path but His hand is always open and He awaits the opportunity to signal with a smile you can see.

Let Us Fully Breathe Life into Our Bodies.

Repetition is the mother of learning. Focus on the Good, find Peace and Life. Relish the given with Acceptance, make it a quest to find the Light in the puzzles which present themselves daily.

Keys are handy with the right angle of approach. Humility unlocks the secrets bound by arrogance.

Pray and receive.

Read scripture and hear the Power of thoughts and words.

Meditate and watch deep breathing relax and heal.

Warriors of Light know unease becomes disease with fewer breaths than imagined. He breathed Life into our soul, let us fully breathe Life into our bodies.

Smell the Roses and Cultivate Friendships

Take a vacation, visit elsewhere and go somewhere new to discover how good it is to adventure and how great it is to go home.

Pray before all your travels and let Him guide you.

Read scripture to pack properly and learn more about welcomes and goodbyes.

Meditate by breathing deeply and relaxing. He wants you to have fun and enjoy your life.

Warriors of Light stop in their march to smell the roses and cultivate their friendships. They know that seeing a friend in another town cements their membership on the Good team.

To Keep the Strongest and Most Beautiful Horse

It is all in our heads ! Fill it with Hope and sweep away gloom by helping others. What you desire is possible when prepared for the responsibilities of its care. Miracles happen when we clean out resentments and practice treating others as we would like to be treated.

Pray. He listens and wants you to have the best.

Read scripture old or new to renew the mind.

Meditate. Relax the grip on Fear. Breathe in the safety of His shadow.

Warriors of Light know that to keep the strongest and most beautiful horse they must build a stall and provide a pasture. They must buy feed and deliver water. After the great and poetic ride that everyone sees, they must clean the stall.

Truth Will Build Foundations and Stand the Tests of Time and Opinions

Today the date sounds like our instructions, march forth ! Realize your purpose by taking just the next right step. Breathe in the peace of the present which is your gift. Stay in the Light. Be willing to let go of the causes of misery and disease.

Pray. He is really the Source of growth and change.

Read scripture. Truth will build foundations and stand the tests of time and opinions.

Meditate. Relax your mind by controlling your breathing. The body’s actions can control the mind.

Warriors of Light know to open all the compartments of life to let The Light flow. The parts we seal up and refuse to open will give the snakes a place to hide.

Share Smiles Rather Than Advice with Fellow Travelers

Each day is unto its own. While awakening our opportunities unfold. We may flavor them with Gratitude and Admiration and find them to be joyful adventures. Share smiles rather than advice with fellow travelers, you will make and keep friends.

Pray and know that your prayers are works of art to the Great Listener.

Read scripture again. It seems there must be someone adding verses that we did not see the last time.

Meditate on what you read.

Warriors of Light shine with treasured truths that polish each other as they roll around inside the marching soul. His Love seeps out and bursts through their smiles.

Success Lies in Positive Thinking

Success lies in positive thinking. Refuse the negative as a habit and watch your world change !

Thoughts and words are your building blocks for the home of your mind and soul, be careful what you build.

Remember He loves you, they are His children, learn to play well with others.

Pray like you are speaking with your dearest friend.

Read scripture like it is a note from your friend.

Meditate. Relax with your friend.

Warriors of Light know He has a plan. They walk in the Light and carry it with them. They glow with Joy.

People love people who are loveable.

When it is Heavy Offer it Up

When it is heavy offer it up. When it is worrisome offer it up.

He waits for the mind to release its grasp before He can use Trust to grease the wheel that seems unturnable. He wants the best for us and is willing to assist us in gaining it.

Pray for your needs and to give Thanks.

Read scripture. Find great clues on how to enjoy being human.

Meditate daily or as often as you would like your peace restored .

Warriors of Light know that they must copy others  on the memo with the list of expectations for anyone to understand.  Warriors lower expectations and increase acceptance daily, or as often as they wish their peace restored.

Your Father who Loves you like a Daddy

Happiness, success and Joy lie not in what happens but how we choose to react. Attitude or our angle of approach make all of the difference. Choose to embrace His Love and purposes, this is a loss free stance, this is the best option.

Pray to your Father who Loves you like a Daddy.

Read scripture and learn that you do not have to receive fear delivered in any size package.

Meditate. Relax and fearlessly enjoy the breath of the moment at hand.

Warriors of Light know that it is almost too simple to believe, His Love is available to all, for free. Repeat, for free, available 24/7. Seeking Him and His Love improves anything that happens. Continued, it keeps us on the beam.