On Tap is Whatever is Thought

On tap is whatever is thought, available in any flavor desired. Tip the lever of the mind filling the glass with health, joy, and contentment. Know that the keg is full with more in the cooler. Offer your joy to those who think that only the dregs are available. Illuminate the way to Our Father’s wine cellar of opportunity, illustrate the Kingdom at Hand.

Pray, cool the glass and be ready to receive.

Read scripture to filter the brew and cleanse the palate.

Meditate by breathing deeply relax and taste the Present.

Warriors of Light know the mind is the battleground and fiery darts can strike deep. Warriors train their thinking to reflect His Love. This mirrors the Light and quenches fiery darts. The store of blessings becomes unfettered and flows into their lives and those around them. Good thinking equals good health and good life.

Reach Out and Choose the Best

Offered to all, the opportunity for Life and Peace, anywhere at anytime. Reach out and choose the best, designed specifically with you in mind. His Love will direct your thoughts and create a great moment,

Pray to reinforce the positive pole in your life .

Read scripture to learn from others failures.

Meditate and relax as if enveloped in the breath of God.

Warriors of Light keep their minds where be their hands. Focusing on the present creates a presentable reality. Warriors stay in the now, in the know.

The Rhythm of the Soul

Just as toes begin to tap with the rhythm of a tune, events will be moved by the rhythm of the soul. Choose an upbeat rhythm with honest and courageous verses, add love and close the show.

Pray with declarations of love for The Conductor !

Read scripture to improve your dance.

Meditate as if at intermission resting between acts. Breathe deeply to cleanse the palate of the mind.

Warriors of Light know that wanting and having are two different things. Carefully they choose their music and carefully they select cast. Even the aloof are drawn in, the show improves the performance of all.

Choose the Water of Life

Pray before turning the knob ! Choose the water of Life, let it swell the seeds of Truth and Love to sprout and take hold. Return from labor, be cleansed, refreshed with the warmth of His shower.

Pray before turning unfamiliar knobs. Let His voice direct you.

Read scripture to learn that even water can burn.

Meditate on the blessings of indoor plumbing.

Warriors of Light know the dangers of self-will blindly turning wrong knobs. Even the right knob must be kept greased. A forced knob breaks and water leads to mold. Let Him illuminate the right knobs even if the plumber put them in backward.

Let the Medicinal Effect of Being Still Soak Into Bones

Dog days ? Dog is God spelled backwards, they are built to reflect His love. His house is not a jail or a boxing ring, but a hospital with Emergency Prayer.

Pray, something as simple as “God help me” is very effective.

Read scripture and find His healing presence in His Word.

Meditate and let the medicinal effect of being still soak into bones.

Warriors of Light know that two or more gathered together increase the Power. Rest, healing, soothing Spirits, inspiration, and regeneration are available 24/7 for free. First come, first serve but the supply is endless and the lines move instantly.

A Steady Stream of Goodness

This year’s crop may not be the turning point of savings or loss. A steady stream of Goodness is offered in various packages and sizes. Open the eyes to see and the Heart to receive.

Pray and move forward.

Read scripture to build renewed perspective.

Meditate by breathing deeply and soaking in Good News.

Warriors of Light know they will have what they say and they use care in declarations.

Welcome the Day with a Smile

Welcome the day with a smile, accepting what is given with Gratitude. Expectations colored with “should” and “could” are cloudy. Look up to add His Light and see.

Pray by conversing with your biggest fan and Most Influential Friend.

Read scripture to see the guidelines and boundaries.

Meditate and breathe deeply in His Mercy.

Warriors of Light know clear contracts afford clear relationships, clear expectations and clear terms of completion. Our Father offers us a contractual covenant offering Life and Peace.

Be of Service, Find Purpose

Celebrate your life by being all that you can be!

Then realize that Humility leads to the highest point.

Get outside of self and think of others first, be of service, find purpose.

Pray and speak to The Source.

Read scripture and gain perspective.

Meditate and relax with deep breathing. Stop and just be for a few.

Warriors of Light maintain their Peace by sharing their piece. This marks their reality with Joy and brings Light to any situation. Don’t make light of it, keep it Light!

Practice Your Position on the Greatest Team

Understanding only increases to the open mind. Perspective changes and refreshes the view with each new wave of understanding.

Our purpose is to demonstrate His Power in this world.

Pray not only to communicate but to practice your position on the greatest team.

Read scripture to strengthen your moves and review the plays.

Meditate as if in huddle with the strongest Quarterback.

Warriors of Light know that the real goal is to let His strength be seen by others, to bring them out of the stands and onto the field with shouts of Victory for His purposes.

Praise and Gratitude, Thanksgiving and Prayer

In the middle of the puzzle use Praise and Gratitude ! In the middle of the heartbreak use Thanksgiving and prayer.

In the middle of insults and disappointment use love.

Pray because He knows all of what you think and what they feel.

Read scripture to keep your countenance lifted.

Meditate on the other surprises in life that have turned out well.

Warriors of Light face life on life’s terms knowing that Our Father has our back. Success through struggles glorifies Him and pain causes growth and emotional maturity.