Decisions Weave Patterns of Thought


Decisions weave patterns of thought into life. He provides the loom, thread quality is selected individually and stitches depend on willingness and ambition. Integrity and Trust keep things tight and even. Self gratifying desire allows pesky moth holes.

Pray more often. See your fabric quality improve.

Read scripture and knit the Word into your heart.

Meditate and relax in the satiny texture of your mind with the committee’s volume turned off.

Warriors of Light know lint quality and fiber strength. The prudent ones learn from their own experience, the wise simply Trusted  the Commander.

Let Go of the Chains You Have Been Carrying

Pray for direction, let Him be in charge, enjoy the people, creatures and adventures of Life. Let go of the chains you’ve been carrying and express Gratitude for the lighter weight. Go with the flow and forget directing the traffic.

Pray to stay on the beam. Use His Light to see through the shadows.

Read scripture for inspiration and guidance.

Meditate to refuel. Relax in awe and quiet that talkative, opinionated committee. Find peace in silence.

Warriors of Light do what they can to be of service in each moment. Rehearsing responses to anticipated words is of no count. They have learned (slowly) that is none of their business what other people are thinking.

A Sense of Peace Even During Turmoil.

Forces sweep moods up or down, tempered by our hand in His, all is well. Always available, always caring He listens. His angels climb the path with us lest our feet hit a stone. His arms are a safe haven through confusion, rumors or fatigue.

Pray and let Him show the way.

Read scripture to see the real answers.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax. The mighty tool of acceptance may be found here.

Warriors of Light use a prayer for serenity or a sense of peace even during turmoil. They pray for the Wisdom to know what they can change, mostly their own perspective and the courage to do it. They pray for acceptance of the things they cannot change, herein lies the Peace.

Growth in Areas Not Before Contemplated

Opportunities to be of service will constantly present themselves to an open heart. Herein lies the path to adventurous Joy and to His will.

Growth in areas not before contemplated will arise.

Pray for His guidance and receive His peace.

Read scripture to fortify the soul so easily distracted by ego.

Meditate. Give the committee in your head the day off and table further discussion.

Warriors of Light receive signals even amongst indecision and chaos. Their Trust puts a lamp at their feet and the Light on their path.

Kinship of Belief

Synergy means that the power of people or units working together is greater than the sum of the same working alone, or teamwork increases strength.

Kinship of belief offers increased strength for the group and the individuals. Used in prayer the Power will show quickly.

Pray alone and with others. Practice perfects.

Read scripture to stay on track.

Meditate to feed some relaxed moments to your day and your soul.

Warriors of Light have volunteered. Camaraderie and service fuel the Light and are fueled by the Light. They win their battles not by knowing the future but by enabling it. They become Blessed and wear it well.

Don’t Set a Place for Pains and Disappointments at the Table

Use the right tools. Our privilege is to exercise good thinking, make good choices and grow in the Light. The battleground for Peace is in our mind. His tools are available for us to create a reality which Honors Him and favors us. End use of the word “but” to explain allowance of our pain.

Pray today and watch the future improve.

Read scripture and see the tools available from each position.

Meditate. Relax and learn what the Heart already knows.

Warriors of Light deal with traffic by driving only their own car.  They too receive wild thoughts, pains and disappointments, they simply don’t set a place for them at the table.

Kind Moments Add Up to a State of Trust.

Take each moment as an opportunity to be the most kind, loving, generous one can be. Stay in the moment and carry that rhythm through the day. Now, not after work or cooking but now, do it again. Take the planning committee from your head. Silence their discussion and preparation, just be kind.

Pray and tell Him how grateful you have become.

Read scripture and lay your angst aside.

Meditate. Relax and see your successes. Feel His breath.

Warriors of Light know that kind moments add up to a state of Trust. All mental planning and rehearsal, particularly retaliation dulls their reflection. They stay in the moment, in the Light and dance to the rhythm of kindness.

Life is a Personal Opportunity to Gain Perspective

His Love always offers the best Light for each picture. Life is a personal opportunity to gain perspective. Shaded tendencies can become principled movements.

Pray for guidance and good composition. Pray for others.

Read scripture to see more color at proper angles.

Meditate and soak in the developing fluid of relaxation.

Warriors of Light know that a snapshot doesn’t tell the whole story. Selfies are usually staged. Warriors learn to march in the Light. They carry Light with them to enhance vision for others. Their work is an inside job.

Let Our Applause Come from The Maker

Be the hero of your own life. A hero loses and regains or struggles and overcomes in the arena. Applause comes from the fans. Let our applause come from The Maker when we learn to use the Tools given us.

Pray, it is our main Tool. Prayer is a lifeline and an energy force that does not return void.

Read scripture to learn about Humility, Generosity, and Gratitude.

Meditate daily and relax while He works.

Warriors of Light do their very best in the games of Life. They accept the outcomes, the team changes and the new quarterbacks with enthusiasm. They realize that touchdowns are not the goals, becoming a better player is what wins with Him.

Meditate As You Would Sit and Enjoy the Garden

Like a garden, life will produce from seeds of Hope and Love. Devotion will increase production and Integrity will keep the weeds from gaining ground. Prayer offers moisture to support Life systems and resist the heat. Fellowship fertilizes the Goodness and receives the sounds of Joy.

Pray with words, actions and breath.

Read scripture to feed the Spirit within.

Meditate as you would sit and enjoy the garden.

Warriors of Light know that there is always a new flush of weeds, some from our own workings and some from the wind. When first emerging they appear small and harmless. Our garden must be kept clean to flourish.