Hear the Underlying Music of Peace

Choose the Power to let the Light inside ! Carefully choose the words which describe who and where you are. Instead of remarking with knitted brow that the arm motion is restricted, declare Gratitude for its capabilities and Praise for the expected improvement. Exercise the power of thoughts and words to create reality. Use them wisely.

Pray for Wisdom and discernment. Choose responses rather than reacting.

Read scripture and hear the underlying music of Peace.

Meditate. Turn off input and relax in the current position.

Warriors of Light find Joy in service. They do not move far impulsively.

They practice right actions to develop right thinking. Decisions based on feelings develop problems. Decisions based on principles offer Peace in His Goodness.

The Schooling is for You and Your Soul to Grow

Pick the bright version of reality, make your claim ! Don’t be fooled by the clouds which tell you the Light is gone forever. Watch the paths of people in your life converge if only for only a time, grab the lessons offered on nature, issues, Love or carpentry. Don’t mourn the rearrangement but Rejoice at the change in flavor. The schooling is for you and your soul to grow, then offer to others as we march.

Pray. The issue is not belief or its intensity, but to come out of oneself and discuss or report things to Management.

Read scripture and be amazed by old discussions of current events.

Meditate. Allow your brain waves to settle on a frequency that feeds you Joy.

Warriors of Light carry bits of Light and news of the Light in their smiles and compassion. They bring fresh perspective available to any who ask and demonstrated to those who watch. To them giving is receiving even more of the Light.

He is Our Ever Present Help in Times of Trouble.

It is an inside job! Improving our health, spiritual growth, relationships and potential opportunities all start with but an eyelash of willingness. Persistence is encouraged by lists and Direction comes from opening to allow the flow of His Light.  His secrets are not hidden they are written in our Heart.

Pray to relieve the Soul’s hunger for His presence and His hand.

Read scripture to alleviate the confusion of the worldly mind.

Meditate and relax while He takes the wheel.

Warriors of Light gain the awe of youth as they age. Their vision is improved and their mind is renewed by His touch. Finding shelter in the Shadow of the Almighty is always possible because He lives in our heart. He is our ever present Help in times of trouble.

Gratitude and Praise Act as Oars

What happens in our life is less important that how we respond.

Even when startled we make a choice to smile and march forward, allowing all things to work for our Good. Even a wrong decision can be redeemed and appear as part of The Plan. Gratitude and Praise act as oars to row and allow us to float through the swamps of Life or to race along the smooth waters.

Pray for Direction and watch understanding unfold.

Read scripture and fuel The Force.

Words have Power.

Meditate. Purposely relax and adjust to the temperature of Life.

Warriors of Light feed their souls  His Goodness and Mercy. What goes in, comes out no matter the circumstances. Their tongue becomes used to sweet words. Those words create their reality.

Right thinking Opens the Doors in Life

Right thinking opens the doors in Life. Knowing who you are allows proper placement of time, relationships and monies. Loving He, who created you, offers health and long life. He feels your joy through you and with you. He desires your Love and walks with you and before you. In Humility, accept His guidance and protection to find your piece and your Peace.

Pray and learn more about directing the power of your thoughts.

Read scripture and find the Power of His Word and yours.

Meditate before acting and to center your energy.

Warriors of Light use right actions to create right thinking, which helps limit the tongue.

Over time their right decisions are woven into a safety net to catch their falls.

Forgiveness Clears the Way, Shields Block the Fiery Darts

Forgiveness clears the way to the Life desired. Disapproval and predjudice are forms of unforgiveness. It may be a bad habit, a political affiliation, a religion, a race, a nationality or a severe crime that causes a lack of forgiveness but there it is blocking the Light in our days.

Pray in a quiet place and offer the willingness to forgive even that for which you wear the scars.

Read scripture and tuck a bit into your heart to proclaim aloud whenever the old issue appears in your mind.

Meditate often on the Goodness of Life.

Warriors of Light keep their heads clear by setting up a perimeter of Joy. They use their shields of Faith to block the fiery darts sent their way. Goodness and Mercy follow them in their marches and missions.

Relax Fearlessly

Heaven lies in the forgiveness of others because it lifts resentment away. Peace lies in forgiveness of self because it removes the arrogance of spiritual pride. This pride is subtle and can be hidden as shyness, timidity or even complacency but in fact it is pride.

Pray and stay current with your reports.

Read scripture for clues on the proper reading of events and reporting techniques.

Meditate. Just relax fearlessly in His protection.

Warriors of Light know pride comes before a fall, so don’t fall just lean on Him and your brothers. Warriors report in nightly and start their days by saluting the Commander with their gentle moves.

Awaken with the Light Provided by Him

Awaken with the Light provided by Him, breathe the air provided by Him and behold the portrait of earth’s beauty. Look to Him for all and it will be provided as your joy reflects His glory. Look elsewhere for your needs and find the sources of disappointment.

Pray to He who listens and knows our needs.

Read scripture for a renewed perspective and Hope.

Meditate. Breathe deeply, relax and listen to the still small voice in your heart.

Warriors of Light know that their end goals must not depend on another’s reaction or behavior but on His surety. He is our ever present Help in times of trouble. Our job is to grow and shine.

Humility Opens the Doors

Planned purpose is designed for your good as you are a child of the King. Find your way by your willingness to see only the next few steps and take one day at a time. Humility opens the doors and Trust places the right opportunities in your path.

Pray and watch without preconception of what the answer should be.

Read scripture and listen with your heart.

Meditate and gain restoration.

Warriors of Light know that marching to His rhythm offers them the dance of their Life. He holds their hand and has their back. People turn to watch as they pass hoping to catch a smile, join in and be a part of the party.

Meditation Clears the Mind

Problems come from a lack of understanding. Most problems result from not understanding who we are in relation to Him. This erupts in self centeredness and fear. When we think others have taken advantage of us we give them undeserved power.

Pray. Words and thoughts have power and these are sent directly to Management.

Read scripture. This removes the mind from self and that is always an improvement.

Meditate. This clears the mind and allows more direct contact with the True rhythms.

Warriors of Light know they are the manifestation and He is the Cause. Knowing this allows them to relax, assist, think correctly and shine.