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Dear Reader, this is to let you know we are discontinuing this blog site distribution of our daily posts. It has been a very rewarding and enjoyable undertaking for those of us involved at this end, and we hope for you as well.

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It has been wonderful receiving occasional responses to our posts. It means a lot to hear back because it lets us know we are reaching good people of like mind.

God Bless You and all your loved ones, friends, family and beloved pets. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as a messenger of what we believe some days were the words you needed to hear.


Toni Wade, The Founder of Finding God’s Way  (and the supporting cast)

Author of “Just the Words You Needed to Hear”


Relax Knowing You are Loved

One person speaking, no matter how loudly, is not an argument, a closed mouth will not get into an argument and no one wins in an argument. Being right is only valuable when someone needs the answer and makes the request.

Pray to The Author of love, use His love to grease your relationships.

Read scripture. Kindly it explains that we are not the center of the universe.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax knowing you are loved.

Warriors of Light remind themselves that their life is a precious gift filled with opportunity and wonder. Their smiles acknowledge His Power and make them part of His Light.

We Learn Not to Believe Everything We Think

Smiles are actions which relieve stress and lift spirits. They welcome others and brighten their days. Smiles are pieces of love. Smiles are His free gift for our use. Compact, lightweight,  they improve perspective, one size fits all and they improve with use.

Pray to realize the Goodness in your life.

Read scripture to flavor your thoughts.

Meditate daily. Breathe deeply and relax in His care.

Warriors of Light know most worries never come to pass and most things are better now that we think. Ummm…here we learn not to believe everything we think.

Encouraging Steps in the Right Direction

We try, fail, practice, improve and perhaps become skilled. Success leads to trouble without Humility but where is the line ? His Hand will show our heart.

Pray, it draws improvement more quickly than practice.

Read scripture for proper nourishment during training.

Meditate and relax in His Shadow, the call will be “safe” and your jets can cool.

Warriors of Light know even mistakes can work benefit by encouraging steps in the right direction. Humility gained holds success’s shine whether gained with or without bruises

He is Waiting Just for You

Imagine the privilege of a personal audience with the wealthiest, most generous, most influential person in the world. He is waiting just for you…always available 24/7 and He looks forward to listening to you!

Pray and gain that audience.

Read scripture to gain some background information on Him.

Meditate and relax, He knows all your stuff and what you are thinking.

Warriors of Light go straight to the top at an unfettered, joyful pace. Their training includes daily visits with Him, The Light. They always leave more full and glowing. Try it, you’ll like it !

Find Each Other in the Dark

Celebrate when it seems there is nothing to celebrate, change the rhythm of the day. Time is yours even if it seems previously obliged. One small blink of the right attitude cracks the seals blocking your real opportunities.

Pray to desire what is given and watch gratitude unlock bondages.

Read scripture and renew perspective with His touch.

Meditate, relax and soak in the skill of appreciation.

Warriors of Light find each other in the dark. The combined glow draws gifts and gifted ones longing for the Truth.

Pray as an Action of Trust

Seasons change and feelings change but attitudes are angles of approach not moods.

Make a habit of choosing the positives and habits become your character.

Pray as an action of trust in the Great Positive Force.

Read scripture to remember how long He has been.

Meditate and allow the mind to rest and the soul to be refreshed.

Warriors of Light know it’s an inside job of taking position actions, thinking positive thoughts and feelings follow suit. Smile and help a traveler take the first step.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Embrace the privilege of knowing the rest of the children ! Each is a treasure box of gifts, silly fears and funny movements.  Each has a lesson of good example or relief that their path is not in the next step.

Pray to enjoy the present and the company present.

Read scripture to stay on the beam !

Meditate and relax in your own skin.

Warriors of Light know that birds of a feather flock together. They improve their own skills by hanging with those who prefer Light. If it must be done in secret it is probably best not done.

Quality Work is as Important as Quality Building Materials

Thinking offers design for the tool of words. Name it and claim it, positive is best. Gratitude holds the ladder, prayer is the hammer and humility offers the elbow grease.

Pray for the resources needed. Watch, next day delivery is always a surprise.

Read scripture, learn to read plans and which structures last.

Meditate, relax, be refreshed with new insights.

Warriors of Light know quality work is as important as quality building materials. Code enforcement is for the good. Jerry-riggings are costly in the end. Only His work is everlasting.

He Keeps the World Spinning

A force fights in your brain, it provides a list of current worries, old failings and future disasters. It’s committee  will catch you awake in the night and provide updated fears. Refuse the delivery of this bad news and stand with Our Father. He is yours with a hand to hold no matter your upbringing, failings or unreturned calls.

Pray and watch His smiles touch your life.

Read scripture, taste and see that He loves us.

Meditate while He keeps the world spinning.

Warriors of Light know even the best made houses settle, perhaps cracking as the earth spins and winds blow. He offers us a firm foundation and guidelines. Guidelines reduce pain as we make our way, they do not reduce pleasure they insure it.