Grow Toward the Light

The response is more important than the action. Life is not what happens to you it becomes your responses to it. Respond kindly, honestly and generously.

His Love allows us to focus on Him and grow toward the Light.

We become filled with Love and Light.

Pray because it is your privilege.

Read scripture to see what happens at the end.

Meditate, relax in the knowledge that He holds you and provides your breath.

Warriors of Light do not get bored. Life is an adventure of new things to hear, taste, feel, and smell in exciting journeys. They can see this because they are in the Light.

Heavy Concerns That We Carry

The worries and heavy concerns that we carry are not held with shackles. Choose to pick up Joy and Gratitude for the tiny things that you feel are overshadowed by the dilemmas. Watch the scene change as Gratitude lets the Light inside and Joy lets it fill your cup. He smiles.

Pray because He loves hearing from you. This simple thing utterance pleases Him and He smiles.

Read scripture and let little phrases cling to your soul.

Meditate again on the Goodness in Life.

Warriors of Light have orders from The Commander to rejoice and be glad. Their training begins with right actions which beget right thinking which begets good feelings. So Rejoice in Him !

Relax and Watch the World Turn Without Your Assistance

Consciousness and time are our gifts. Devote these to Him through Praise and Thanksgiving and even the sting of separation or death will lose its power. Use these in prayer and your busiest day will move as though greased.

The invisible will become visible in results.

Pray. All prayers are answered.

Yes, no and are you kidding me ?

Read scripture for fortitude and mind renewal.

Meditate. Relax and watch the world turn without your assistance.

Warriors of Light know that He is in charge and He provides. They know their training as problem solvers is not as important as their Willingness to ask Him and Trust Him. The invisible will become visible in results.

Pray to Communicate

Plan on the unexpected and expect change. If there is nothing planned but time without interruptions the washing machine is sure to flood or the power will fail. Through all of this place focus on Him. Circumstances and relations will flow but His Love never wanes.

Pray to communicate with the Master of Peace and Life.

Read scripture to renew your mind and feed your Spirit.

Meditate on His Goodness through it all.

Warriors of Light know that all movement around us is to develop our Spirit and our relationship with Him. That priority properly placed allows all else to heal and grow as it should. Selah.

Let Go and Let God

Think and see things as better, pray and watch improvement. Remember, once you put the cake in the oven  you must leave it there. If you open the oven you will feel the heat, reach in you will get burned, stir it up, it gets all over you. Trust His Power to let things rise and fall into place.

Pray. Its importance can never be over emphasized.

Read scripture it feeds from the old and renews.

Meditate. Relax. Let go and let God.

Warriors of Light follow His recipes for Life and Peace. They use His energy to flavor their thoughts and direct their angle of approach. Warriors taste and see the Goodness of the Lord.

Messages from Across the Water

Most things have rounded edges at least after time with wear and erosion. Our vision shoots straight not around corners, this is a clue. Keep concern to the next steps before you, let Him tend around the corners.

Pray, He can hear you from wherever you are.

Read scripture, they wrote it like, a note in a bottle, messages from across the water or around the corner.

Meditate, this is Trust in practice.

Warriors of Light have the good fortune of receiving instruction and practicing their moves. Enlistment is always open

Still the Noise and Listen

Focus on the Good and move forward! Human energies are built to solve problems and find Joy in the solving. That big empty hole in oneself can be filled with Joy simply by turning upward and opening the disposition.

Pray to share consciousness with the All Powerful.

Read scripture to train the mind’s path.

Meditate. Relax control, still the noise and Listen.

Warriors of Light know the words “you can’t” to be inspirational because you can! Any desire that is in His flow cannot be stopped. Laryngitis cannot stop a speech needing delivery, tile shortages cannot stop the right roof being put on and weather will not stop the flights of those under His wings!

The mind made up is a powerful force.

Under His Wings, We Have it All

We need each other to be reminded of Truth. Even the one who taught will need to be refreshed. None of us have it all together but together, under His wings, we have it all.

Pray anytime, anywhere about anything. He awaits your call.

Read scripture He will speak to your heart with the words on the page and a still small voice.

Meditate. Relax and see things look differently.

Warriors of Light know that if you hold on to Truth, the Truth will set you free! This all happens in the battleground of the mind. No matter the problem, lift it up, He has brought us through worse already.

Lost in the Woods

Lost in the woods, for long enough, willingness to ask for guidance becomes more attractive. Often the way out is not straight and we begin to instruct Our Guide on how He should proceed. He knows the hidden pitfalls and Leads around them.

Pray and stay in touch with Management.

Read scripture and see the treasure map that so many seek.

Meditate. It provides rest, blood pressure control and smoother turns on The Journey.

Warriors of Light know their mission is to reflect His Light even in the darkness. His Light leads to Life and Peace. His Light feeds Love and Spiritual growth.

Feed the Good Dog

Keep that Good dog in your head well fed ! Don’t feed the one that tempts, then condemns.

Don’t let that pokey elbow ruin the feel of warmth in nearness. Don’t miss the moment of success by having the mind elsewhere. Know when each race is over to enjoy the finish.

Pray and tell Him your angst. Then use Praise and Gratitude to hold up the day.

Read scripture and listen. Let the messages sink into the Heart and guard the tongue.

Meditate and remember the Peace contained in silence.

Warriors of Light know that words of concern, advice, warning and fear are unwelcome.

They show their Love with smiles and actions. They know Faith is not believing that what we want will arrive but accepting whatever comes and finding its lessons. Warriors know that all things work to the good of those who Love Him.