Every Day is a Visit, a Travel to New Destinations

Everyday is a visit, a travel to new destinations and realizations taken with your new lover. He is new every morning and He is everlasting. He loves you with your morning voice and without make up. He loves you when you are outside smoking. He loves you when you lie about where you have been or how much it cost.

Pray and keep the conversation going. Turns out, it is the main gig.

Read scripture like a love note written to you, for your secret advantage.

Meditate and relax in His arms.

Warriors of Light know that every moment His arms are there supporting their footing and caressing their smile. They know that His Love offers Life and Peace. Turning towards His Light washes their soiled desire buttons and rebuilds their decision makers with a Heavenly edge.

A Relationship with Authority to Purchase

Magnetic strips on credit cards indicate a relationship with authority to purchase. This relationship does not change with moods shifts or geographical movement or quality of behavior. His Love is even stronger.

Pray and turn towards Him and let the magnetism flow.

Read scripture to let the iron filings of the Heart be pulled in a Good direction.

Meditate. Relax and breathe in the Shadow of the Almighty.

Warriors of Light have tuned to His channel. His strength directs their compass. Wild thoughts still appear but His magnet is stronger. There is great Joy in knowing who you are, to be easily read with one swipe and be given the Authority to purchase.

Watch the Big Clouds and Shadows of Life Melt and Disappear

The winds of life change feelings and circumstances, but unchanged remains Your Father’s Love like an anchor, your very present Help in times of trouble. Watch the big clouds and shadows of life melt and disappear when you focus on Him.

Pray often enough to become  Management friendly.

Read scripture enough to tuck a few lines in your heart for protection.

Meditate, deep breathing changes perspective and oxygen content.

Warriors of Light know much of Life is spiritual warfare. Unaware is unarmed. Corrected attitude, which is an angle of approach, gains the advantage. Gratitude lifts the Spirit out of the line of fire and Praise reinforces our shield of Faith to quench those fiery darts. March on !

Emotions Shape the Sands of Relationships with Each Wave

Emotions, like oceans, wash the shores of relationships shaping the sand with the touch of each wave. Waters rise and fall by the tides, with His hand our hearts stay sure. With Gratitude we are anchored through the storms. With Praise we find position and purpose.

Pray, with prayer we can report our position and receive signals.

Read scripture, it is an old treasure map.

Meditate. Here we can breathe deeply and float above our circumstances.

Warriors of Light are sailors and fishermen at heart. They navigate by staying on the beam.

Quick and right actions keep their thinking straight, smiles keep the rescue boats at the ready.

Love notes from your Creator

Each day holds messages,

Love notes from your Creator. Placed for you are smiles and winks and hugs for your delight. There are green lights that you miraculously dash through and events that just seem to happen for you as you pass. The bills get paid and dinner is on the table. Send one to Him with your Gratitude and Praise. Reach out to His children old and young. Feel His Power in their touch.

Pray often to sweeten your day.

Read scripture and release its Strength into your Life.

Meditate and breathe, your gift is The Present.

Warriors of Light march on but their cadence makes their chores a dance. Their smiles Light the way and lift the Spirits  of all.

Stay in the moment and the movement, enjoy.

A Good Life is Like a Cake

A Good Life is like a cake. It requires all the right ingredients. Flour ground with  Good practices, sugar sweetened by Love, butter churned by Good manners and frosting applied with Kindness. It is enjoyed  when shared in Fellowship of friends and family while Thankfully acknowledging the Great Baker.

Pray to choose the best flavors.

Read scripture to see the recipes.

Meditate. Breathe in the Fine aromas.

Warriors of Light use Praise to change the march into a dance.

They know anything well baked has been through a few fires. They also remember one cannot have the cake and eat it as well.

Packing the Day’s Load

No chains bind the burdens, pains or anxieties, the option is available daily to pick them up or let Him carry them. “But” will lift the load upon the back, still without chains. A bit of pride inspires their continued carriage.

Pray to Our Father for wisdom while packing the day’s load.

Read scripture to increase Trust of His abilities.

Meditate. Here is where we take five and let Him hold it all for a few.

Warriors of Light are poised for action. This stance keeps them ready to help others. They carry only supplies for the current march. He holds their hand and fights the battles for them.

Open Up to Receive the Light

Presentation whets the appetite, introduces quality, and makes a statement for others to read. It demands time and energy to effectively announce its priorities. Choose one cloaked in Humility and Honor, an open hand for others,  pointed up to receive the Light.

Pray for clear reception and perception.

Read scripture it holds the fine print where you can see it.

Meditate. Relax as a child at the feet of the Father.

Warriors of Light know concentration  on presentation misses the mark. Opening up to receive the Light properly nourishes and shapes the Heart.

Good, Clean, Supportive Shoes

Good, clean, supportive shoes keep feet happy. Good, clean, supportive homes keep people happy. He offers us the Firm Foundation requiring only an eyelash of willingness to let in the Light. Choose support over fashion and mature without bunions.

Pray to discern the consequences of wearing those “come get me” pumps with the wrong crowd.

Read scripture the find the best paths.

Meditate and learn to relax. It removes the callouses of the day.

Warriors of Light know how to soak their feet in His Word. They know His angels guard their feet lest they dash against a stone. He is a Light unto the path and a Lamp unto feet.

A Present that is Delivered to You for Free

Delivered to you for free is a package of lessons in Life and Peace. It is wrapped with a tag that says “The Present”. It requires Acceptance to be truly appreciated. As His child you have authority to stay in the Light and let go of that which drags you down.

Pray for Wisdom and Discernment.

Read scripture to signify your willingness to hear.

Warriors of Light hear and listen. They value spiritual growth even the struggles gone through to gain it become precious.