I noticed a pleasantly new countenance in an old friend. I inquired and received a quick reply of “Jesus Calling”. I downloaded the app and it changed my life too. The reading on February 23 gave me the tools of Praise and Thanksgiving. I used them. Another old friend gave me “365 Days Around the Year” by Emmet Fox. I feasted upon it as well. My dear husband was taken ill and died. In my daze of new widowhood I visited a friend. A copy of “The Alchemist ” by Paulo Coelho hopped from the shelf and was given to me. My eyes lifted in search of my personal destiny. I followed this author to discover “Warrior of Light, a manual”. I was enthralled.

I, personally , can make 25 stupid decisions or judgment calls in the morning before arising. I discovered that if I read Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling” and Emmet’s daily reading before getting out of the bed, I might make two. It did not take long to make it a daily ritual. Another friend sent me a copy of “God’s Little Devotional Book” by Honor Books. If offers a handy push in the right direction.

A group of friends saw my smile. I started texting a few each morning. I teased that we were becoming Warriors of Light. So each day I read my own devotionals before arising. I prayed . Then I started typing my texts. Something happened. I continued and my messages got meaty. I adhere to the message of pray, read and meditate each day. I stay available for the rest of the story each morning . I am privileged to share it with a number of friends. Some have asked permission to share my texts. They are being typed on paper and electronically recorded. We publish hard copy next year.

I was instructed to start a blog. Unfamiliar with blogs I called an old friend for help. Here we are. We have a message I have learned the hard way.

I can’t.

He can.

Let’s let Him.