Lifting Them into His Arms

Cardinals tend to and feed their mates, together they nest and feed their young, after but a few days the young fly.

The Kingdom of Our Father is at hand. His love can transform our soul and pull it from the reach of karma into virtue.

Pray to reach the ear that understands.

Read scripture to allow its truth to elevate your vision.

Meditate and know that relaxing the planning committee offers true Peace.

Warriors of Light know that what goes around comes around unless His Word buffers the natural spin and lifting them into His arms for protection.

Keep Your Treasure Box Light

Like a treasure box the mind collects what we carry, keep it Light! Refuse to tuck the fears and doubts into your day, it’s a choice, a privilege.

Pray and speak with One capable of moving the waves, the wind and the hearts of men.

Read scripture and find your surprise, it’s in there.

Meditate on all the Goodness while breathing deeply.

Warriors of Light know that sharing their secrets and trials with a person of trust keeps their treasure boxes clean offering a Light step to their daily dance.

Find the Real Lines and the Best Endings

Outside of self is the Light. Self holds a theater of the mind with roles of son, brother, employee, boss, retiree etc. A theater uses its own lighting, make up and costumes engaging in more drama than necessary. Truth is in His Light.

Pray not to believe everything thought.

Read scripture to find the real lines and the best endings.

Meditate. Relax, quit setting the stage, close the curtain.

Warriors of Light know self’s theater is all about ego. EGO, edges God out.

Warriors enter sets only as His children and use His Love to direct their moves.

Your Best Friend is Listening

What goes around comes around, choose kindness and love as your due by focusing on Him and the needs of His other children.

Pray as if holding a tin can with a string knowing that your Best Friend has His can up to the ear listening to the words magically dance up the string.

Read scripture to keep the lifeline taut.

Meditate by breathing deeply, loose your knots.

Warriors of Light know that He waits for His children to turn back to Him so He can shower them with the blessings stored.

Discover and Remember Who You Are

Replace fear with declaration of authority as a child of The King !  He did not make you to tremble and cry but to rejoice, Praise and help others.

Pray to discover and remember who you are.

Read scripture to remind yourself who is your real Father.

Meditate as if being cradled and rocked.

Warriors of Light know they must deal with the built-in forgetters by engaging in daily prayer and meditation. Reaching for The Father’s Hand before arising insures a better stance.

We Weave the Texture of Life with Thoughts and Actions

Moment by moment we weave the texture of life with thoughts and actions. We can pull from the long yarn which lies in the Light without snags and thread the loom evenly with Thanks and Praise.

Pray. Stay in touch with the Force that makes things new every morning.

Read scripture and proclaim authority over the snares of evil.

Meditate and relax. Breath deeply and rest in the rhythm of integrity.

Warriors of Light find rest and blessings within an honest weave. A rich texture shows in the robes and the posture of a confident prayer Warrior.

Enjoy the Sun and Know the Rain Will Come

Rain will come, wind will arrive, enjoy the sun and know the rain will come. Designs highlight Joy as they include sleep, rain and pain for growth. Gratitude makes it digest more easily, Praise flavors it nicely.

Pray for a personal recipe.

Read scripture to lower the heat.

Meditate while stirring to prevent sticking or burn.

Warriors of Light know actions of Praise and Thanksgiving work immeasurably for the Good. They show in the smiles and confidence under Fire.

His Words are a Lamp Unto our Feet

The next step is ours to take, toward Light or dark. Even graded paths are easier in the Light. His Words are a Lamp unto our feet and a Light unto our path. Pride and ego lead us through briars while Humility offers us a grassy way.

Pray for wisdom and discernment.

Read scripture to illuminate movements.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax.

Warriors of Light find that  Humility dampens the critical spirit and the sharp tongue. Humility employs great care and appreciation. Humility offers the winning hand to all in His service.

Listen for Which Current to Follow

Praise and Gratitude quiet the smarting of disappointment. Like oars they propel when placed in the water of our reality and pulled. They lift the muscles of our frown and put them to work on His next project in our lives.

Pray and listen for which current to follow.

Read scripture to lift you from the sandbar and protect you from the banks..

Meditate to rest your soul in His Hands.

Warriors of Light set the pace in a rhythm of Joy and their journey ends with His Grace being sufficient for all.

Increase Joy by Sharing

Limit misery by limiting activities and contacts which create misery. Find Joy and increase it by sharing. Fill empty spots in the  heart by making others smile. Don’t come to the feast table of life and starve to death.

Pray. He longs to hear the joys and pains of your life.

Read scripture and get tips on handling things more effectively.

Meditate and relax in His shadow safe from all fiery darts.

Warriors of Light know they create their own problems. The feast table of Life is set, put down the concerns and enjoy. Looking up tells all.