Pray as if Speaking to Your Daddy

Magnificent Power and Love lie at our fingertips, unseen but always present, available, waiting. Awaken to the opportunities available on the team.

Enjoy the security of knowing who you are as His creation with His purposes.

Pray as if speaking to your Daddy in your home.

Read scripture as if a story written for you.

Meditate and relax. It is a healing privilege.

Warriors of Light know much can be accomplished by prayer and adoration. So quiet and still yet so powerful, hearts are moved by being still.  Circumstances and feelings are changeable.

Admire the Sky and Trees with Awe and Wonder

Admire the sky and trees with awe and wonder, be glad about the weather. Now the sky is awesome, the trees wonderful and the weather a great adventure. Thoughts are powerful and a Father given responsibility.

Pray as in conversation with a loving Father.

Read scripture and notice the Truth still shining.

Meditate with deep breathing, relax in His arms.

Warriors of Light know to treat everything as an unexpected delight, filling their life with unexpected delights. Silver linings and blessings lie in every situation even when they are signals to move.

He Holds our Hand When We Put Down Our Planner

What others think is not our business, we must simply do our best knowing that He watches, cares and enjoys our progress.

He holds our hand when we put down our planner, He shines a light through the shadows. The only real relationship possible is with Him.

Pray, it is the real conversation.

Read scripture, important parts of our lives are included in the Proverbs with hope and victory hidden in the Psalms.

Meditate and relax. Take in deep breaths and claim His victory as you exhale.

Warriors of Light know controlling other people’s feelings to be impossible. They keep their side of the street clean, pick up what they drop, and make amends for their errs.

They mind their own business so they keep business to mind.

Look up and follow His Light

So quickly the mind will pick a theme of discontent and follow a trail adding evidence to rationalize. Keep the mind on the Goodness He offers and seek Humility rather than justice. Offer Praise rather than licking wounds and gain Spiritual growth which serves forever.

Pray earnestly without a scorecard. Pray for the needs of others and gain “extra credit” for your lessons.

Read scripture and find pleasure in dying to the needs of self.

Meditate and relax in the paradox of surrender for victory.

Warriors of Light sometimes lose their way but their training teaches to look up and follow His Light. The willingness to seek His good returns more than our hearts desire.

Weed out the Embedded Jealousies, Fears, and Doubts

Design the inside more beautifully than the outside. Dig into your heart and weed out the embedded jealousies, fears, and doubts. Don’t fondle them but lift them up to Him. He can handle them for you. Relax in knowing you were personally shaped for good.

Pray because it is your privilege as His child.

Read scripture and find the part that belongs to your day.

Meditate on the good, feel safe in His shadow.

Warriors of Light know they must give up to receive, surrender to win and share to keep. Life is good and our smiles show best when our minds are with our hands helping others.

Having Requires the Polish

Wanting makes it shine, having requires the polish.

He knows our needs, follow His path. Trust must be employed to be visible and to allow relaxation.

Pray with Thanksgiving for the puzzles and relief of the things we did not receive.

Read scripture and learn to base decisions on principles rather than feelings.

Meditate, deep breathing is easiest under His shadow.

Warriors of Light know Him to be a Lamp unto their feet and Light unto their path. Hindsight gives them confidence in His foresight.

Take a Day Off from Thinking About Yourself

Take a day off from thinking about yourself and do for others outside your immediate family.

Think about your neighbors, the cashier at the store, the driver ahead of you, pray for their needs and desires. Watch this energy return to brighten your day.

Pray for others they are His children.

Read scripture and find the importance of others.

Meditate and relax with deep breathing.

Warriors of Light know that they may not be much but often they are all they think about. They make a point to give to others of their time which is more valuable than money.

Only He Can Change the Tides

Keep your mind in the present, that is where you live. Like boating, you must know the rules, maintain your craft, ease carefully into the river and watch the water.  Take with you those you love or find entertaining, cast your line in the water and get a bite.

Pray with Praise and Thanksgiving. Watch the clouds disappear.

Read scripture and set your course avoiding the shallows and the big wakes.

Meditate and relax. Only He can change the tides.

Warriors of Light know to switch locations and bait for the outcome they desire.  If nothing changes, nothing will change.

See His Glory in Rays of Sunshine

Imagine The Creative Force became visible and poured out His Light and Love. Would worries continue or would everything humbly fall to the knees ?

Open spiritual eyes to see His glory in rays of sunshine striking the flower or a wisp of breeze brushing the face.

Pray to communicate with The Force in charge.

Read scripture and see worry dropping is specifically requested.

Meditation done properly creates a worry free zone.

Warriors of Light know turning to Him is the answer to all. From roofing issues, red tape, health and affairs of the heart, His Strength can be seen. Be still and know simply by pulling the head out of the mind.

He Provides for the Sparrow and You are His Child

Spirituality covers financial issues. He provides for the Sparrow and you are His child. The only security is found in Him, the benefit package is immeasurable. Walk in His path and Trust, watch as He pours out the blessings. You will be fed and never lack a safe place to sleep.

Pray for His comfort and follow His nudging.

Read scripture and see His healing touch and His Joy which are offered you.

Meditate and practice depending on Him for answers.

Warriors of Light know that God speaks through other people and His Word. Give and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find the right job. He uses what we offer Him. Others see His provisions and He is glorified.