Faith can Move Mountains

Know your truth and stand in the Light. Let them rise or fall with excitement or depression, hold His hand and stand your ground.

You are never alone in His Light.

Pray and see things change.

Read scripture and learn that Faith can move mountains.

Meditate and relax as He guards the fort.

Warriors of Light learn to be still.

Trained for movement, it is hard to be still. Mole hills do not become mountains unless someone adds dirt. Stand in His shadow and be still.

Humility and Integrity are More Valuable than Gold

Humility and integrity are more valuable than gold. Looking through their perspective enables one to see the real value in life, to add to it and be a part of it. Their perspective makes life an adventurous journey avoiding the self centered traps.

Pray to get out of self. Offer your attention to the One who can put it to Good use.

Read scripture. Open it in the light and gain Light.

Meditate by breathing deeply while trusting His hand to hold you.

Warriors of Light know the dangers of thinking alone. Helping others keeps them out of their own heads and quiets the worry committees.  Wearing the mantles of Integrity and Humility keeps them out of Egypt (the land of de-Nile ) and gains invitation to the paths of Spiritual Growth.

Allowing Him to Carry Us Again

Children long to be picked up and carried. Our Father longs to pick us up and enjoy that hold of a quiet baby. We have learned to walk upright and take pride in our steps. Real maturity lies in allowing Him to carry us again.

Pray, then listen not just for words but what He will demonstrate.

Read scripture and learn more about Trust.

Meditate on His truths and make them your own.

Warriors of Light learn to depend on Him for more and more. He offers Wisdom and Understanding to all who ask.

Unlike learning to walk, at first the leaning is slight, then tighter, then we reach up with both arms and surrender to His Love.

The Easy Path in Hindsight

All accounts are settled by Him but not all by Tuesday or all in October. Our time is not His time, but all time devoted to Him will come back magnified!

While walking His path, rejection is protection. What may seem painful today will look like the easy path in hindsight.

Pray because all conversation with Him is fruitful.

Read scripture for clues to gaining a humble heart.

Meditate on His Goodness and express Gratitude for what is in hand and what is but a dream.

Warriors of Light know that Humility is the winning hand. It brings acceptance and kindness into play. Humility inspires gratitude at every turn, even the sharp turns and turns with an uphill climb. The result is Joy.

Look Up and Acknowledge

Let your heart melt with joy in this moment, see all of its treasures. A breath without pain is a privilege, a smile or a hug is a memory to be relished. Look up and acknowledge the Greater One, magnify what you have by sharing.

Pray to Our Father who treasures your prayers and offers you Life and Peace.

Read scripture to find truth, meaning and your place.

Meditate by breathing deeply.

Allow His Presence to be what you seek.

Warriors of Light value a firm foundation in a house and in faith. The Truth will stand and last and the truthful will last with it.

All of the Solutions Call for Letting Go

As soon as the mind turns to self it focuses on problems. It adds up the difficulties and starts planning correction. A smile, hug, scripture quote or lil tune can stir the mind away from self and the problems disappear. All of our problems are created by self. All of the solutions call for letting go and allowing His Directions to take charge.

Pray for your needs and watch His Love enfold you.

Read scripture, letting His reports become personal.

Meditate and see how some can see into the Fourth Dimension where the turning of Hearts really begins.

Warriors of Light know that everyone desires the personal embraces of God. Get out of His way, watch and pray. He will arrive fully armed just in the niche of time.

Clean the Lens

An expectation formulated and deemed unfulfilled can create a resentment before anyone has a chance to read our unwritten memo about the immediate and unrealistic anticipations. Oh they should have called, they did not, it is assumed they care less than desired. Oh my!

Pray to keep expectations low and acceptance high.

Read scripture to clean the lens of your mind. Most leaves are green, complaining that they are not blue is futile.

Meditate. Relax and be grateful. He has arranged things for our benefit.

Warriors of Light are mindful to stay on the beam. He is the Director and He manages casting, the story is for learning and demonstrated growth. Even pain is beneficial as it stimulates  change.

Mothers and Fathers Show Us Hints of the Warmth Found in His Arms

Unconditional Love is a taste of God. Many Mothers and Fathers show us hints of the warmth found in His arms. Suffering the pain of our lessons and transgressions, receiving us quietly upon our return and letting us become their heroes.

Pray to appreciate and share the time we have with loved ones.

Read scripture to gain His perspective.

Meditate on all that we have been given.

Warriors of Light know to employ Gratitude and Praise to cool the sting of loss. Like walking staffs they support the march to higher ground fending off the temptress of self pity and indulgence.

Feelings Change with a Smile

Feelings change with a smile, a song, a success or a good sandwich. Circumstances change with things as simple as the mail or the weather. His Love never changes and is the missing piece of the Heart.

Pray and be filled and fulfilled.

Read scripture to learn that the game has been won.

Meditate and relax in being loved.

Warriors of Light are trained to make decisions based on principles instead of feelings. Sound decisions will weave a relationship with Him. Looking up allows one to see the blessings being poured into our lives.

No Matter the Distance or Time Away


Turn toward the light at any time and be received with Joy. No matter the distance or time away the return takes only one step. Be surprised by blessings pouring upon those who but look upward, they were stored awaiting their return.

Pray and stay in touch with The Source of all Goodness.

Read scripture and learn that there is nothing new under the sun.

Meditate and mull over the Mercy offered by Our Father.

Warriors of Light march with purpose and enjoy sharing the adventure. They give and it is returned. Always available with a smile they know that giving to others opens an account which never runs dry.