The Only Way to Look is Up

Secrets make us sick. They may seem minor but hidden they grow and fester. They also display themselves in ways discernible by the astute. Secrets put a damper on our spirits that leads to depression. Depression is simply fear without any zeal.

Pray and open up to Him, even though He knows already, acknowledgment begins the management.

Read scripture find that weakness allows His strength to shine.

Meditate and relax with the Author of your breath.

Warriors of Light come mostly from the fallen who have gone so low that the only way to look is up. He has taken their hand.

We couldn’t.

He could.

Let’s let Him.

Find Best Results When You Have no Time

Exercise changes the chemistry of the blood, meditation changes the chemistry of the brain, humility changes the chemistry of the heart offering us the opportunity to be healthy, serene and forgiving.

Pray for proper perspective.

Read scripture and knit His Word in your day.

Meditate and find best results when you have no time.

Warriors of Light start their day with a search for Him. His Mercy is everlasting.  He knows every whisker on your face and every step you are about to take. Turning to Him first will gain His Light illuminating situations and allowing better decisions.

He is Always Available to Hold Our Hand

Things are new every morning and often a good night’s rest can change our minds, our perspective, our strength and our opportunities. Prayer changes things and He is always available to hold our hand.

Pray and let Him manage the day’s difficulties.

Read scripture and find His assurance no matter how unusual your pocket of reality seems to be.

Meditate and relax in who you really are. Let the whole quality assessment rest for a few.

Warriors of Light know that helping others lifts their own spirits. Warriors know that they are trained for a reason. Paths are loaded with potholes sometimes designed to twist the foot. Proper placement of thoughts and words allows dependence on Him. This is the safest place to be and the Light is brightest here.

Choose to React Kindly Even When Hurt

Choose to react kindly even when hurt and heroically dissipate the pain. Look up for your validation and know that you are well made with a plan. Improve what you have been given with study and practice.

Smile as you shed the need for validation by anyone but Him. Learn that you are not less than but more than enough when you allow His Love to fill your cup.

Pray and let Him run the show.

Read scripture and declare His protection in your soul.

Meditate and discover Him in your corner with water, bandages and a little aspercreme.

Warriors of Light still get bruised and bleed but they know they are in training.  They let His Power heal them as they rest under His wings. Repeated, this treatment allows His Light to shine ever more brilliantly in their lives.

Seeking His Face is the Real Adventure

Nothing stands still and nothing stays the same particularly after we so carefully develop or place it in the spot we would like it to remain. Not the waistline or the boyfriend or the job. Each day is a dance of decisions to seek His face finding Life and Peace or to understand our problems giving them substance and weight.

Pray and feed the spirit with the same attention as you give water intake.

Read scripture and let its symbols make truth real in your heart.

Meditate. Here we stop and appreciate what is on the inside as much as what is on the outside.

Warriors of Light know that seeking His face is the real adventure with purpose. This brings all else into proper position. The results will demonstrate themselves remarkably in each smile.

Pray. It is The First Step

Constraints ? Not unless the end goal involves the behavior or feelings of another soul. For peace, go to the Author of Peace.

His table is spread before us and we are offered all. The constraints are rationalized not shackled. Rewards are proportional only to the energy applied.

Pray. It is the first step and can be taken without belief.

Read scripture. Even without belief it will speak to the heart.

Meditate, like aspirin it also requires no belief to create results.

Warriors of Light hold open hearts to receive their daily Directions. Each day is filled with surprises, most of them joyous. The ones without Joy can be returned. If we are willing to let go of them, He can fix them.

All Pendulums Swing

Water, air and light allow us to grow. Water, air and light age us. Repeated movement makes us strong and repeated movement  makes us weak. Take His hand for Direction and His Word for understanding that all pendulums swing.

Pray and tell Him your concerns. His counsel is free.

Read scripture for the renewal of your mind.

Meditate and breathe deeply. Feel His Peace and relax.

Warriors of Light know their mission is Spiritual and shows no wrinkles. Spiritual growth will give you a flush in your cheeks and restore your wings like an eagle’s. You shall run and not be weary.

Follow Your Breath to the Right Angle of Approach

No matter how far off track or how deep the hole we are but one step away from things getting better. We may not know south from west but we always know up from down. Look up and find Him waiting to send help or lend a hand, look for the signs.

Pray, a personal audience is always available, no appointment or waiting in line.

Read scripture, there are the secrets waiting for the right angle of approach.

Meditate. It helps one follow their breath to the right angle of approach.

Warriors of Light know that He holds the keys and the answers. His Love will cloak us, enfold us, shield us and nurture us. Look up to Him and His touch will direct to the right angles of approach

Write Your Concerns on a Bit of Paper and Put Them in a Bag

Worried ? Most worries never come to pass. Instead of worrying write your concerns on a bit of paper and put them in a lil bag or box. Allow Him to handle anything placed in the bag. At the end of each month open the bag and read old worries. Surprise ! Most worries never come to pass.

Pray instead of worrying. Then consider it handled.

Read scripture and claim words of Life and Peace as belonging to you.

Meditate and relax in the blessings already in your midst.

Warriors of Light know their only Power lies in the present. Their energy is best used in the same time and space as their breath. After completing one’s chores, Humility and reliance on Him are the best solutions.

Find Peace in the Father’s Loving Arms

Love for a child comes spewing from the Father’s heart no matter what the child is thinking. Crawling into the lap and relaxing in the Love makes everything better.

Crawl into The Father’s loving arms and find Peace.

Pray as if whispering into His ear.

Read scripture as if it is a tale written about how big His lap really is.

Meditate. Relax and enjoy Life’s breath filled with His Love.

Warriors of Light smile with the Joy found in His warm hug. Then they share their hugs. Some people just get close and pat your back, when a Warrior hugs you, you can feel His squeeze.