The View is Great From the Top of the Ridge

Gratitude is a tool, verbalized it is Praise, both are as pitons, roped they allow the heart to climb away from the crevice of self pity. The view is great from the top of the ridge and the Way is cleared for you. His angels, ( the ones that amaze you when you drive), are on guard lest you dash your foot upon a stone. Your choice…

ignore or enjoy.

Pray, even without belief, the unbelievable can be invoked.

Read scripture, it was recorded for your advantage.

Meditate as a habit. Time taken here will draw you closer to your goals than continued activity.

Warriors of Light, also, fight the committee in the battleground of the mind. When tired they look up and report their faith and feel confident to ask that He look also upon their unbelief. Rewards lie in the seeking.