Weave Goodness like Gold Threads into the Tapestry of Your Life

Weave Goodness  like gold threads into the tapestry of your Life. Create a picture of Joy and Gratitude that displays the beauty of your Heart. Use such soft fiber for threads of your thinking that they call to be caressed. Use smiles to mount your corners in the security of His Grace.

Pray to substantiate consistency and strength.

Read scripture to properly landscape the personality displayed.

Meditate to find direction for easy movement of the next stitches.

Warriors of Light can be seen from a distance by the colors in their cloaks. Even rank and file display kind responses which bleed His Mercy into the picture of who they are.

Issued at Birth is Your Basket of Thought and Love Power.

Issued at birth is your basket of Thought and Love Power. It is yours for use and distribution. Spend it  on worry or looking forward with Hope ? Direct your thoughts to the Light, start the day over at anytime. Set aside the shield of pride and learn to receive.

Pray because He loves hearing from you !

Read scripture to acquaint yourself with the Magnitude of it all and its historical applications.

Meditate because it magnifies your Peace.

Warriors of Light shine by reflecting His Love. They have learned many truths that don’t seem logical. We surrender to win, we gain by giving and we keep by sharing.

Pray to be Filled with the Spirit and Joy

Lovely parts of our country require water management. Like our Souls, they suffer low swampy areas filled with stagnant mosquito laden waters. Dams or boundaries are established, allowing good water to fill up, providing recreation or fishing. Canals are cut to maintain and balance the flow.

Pray to be filled with the Spirit and Joy.

Read Scripture to gain and release Gratitude.

Meditate and luxuriate on the shores of His lakes of Love.

Warriors of Light know they must become Good receivers as well as Givers to keep the channels clean. In fact we learn that it is not us loving Him but our proclaiming of His love for us that reels in our Heart’s desire.

There is a Plan for your Specific Design

Thoughts and spoken words create the person, written words create the plan. There is a Plan for your specific Design. There is a certain time of each day when The Light is most clearly seen. Like a blueprint for a large house it is not easily viewed all at once. The fine details of window sizing or plumbing are best seen by looking closely in one area at a time. Discussions with The Architect are a must.

Pray. This gives you direct access to The Designer before completion.

Read scripture for evidence of His Designing skills and satisfied reports of His other Plans.

Meditate. This practice is most effective when it seems you have the least time.

Warriors of Light have realized that we are Designed to be Loved because He loves us. Instead of reporting their desires and needs, they dare to Bask in His Mercy. He seems to enjoy their staked claim and displays the Brilliance of His Love.

Recipe for the Life We Desire

There is a Recipe for the Life we desire:

2 Cups of Prayer

1 Cup of Gratitude

1 Cup of Praise

4 Eggs of Service to Others

2 Tbsp of Surprise Hugs

Mix gently and bake in the Light daily. In the evening add Grace then break bread with others. Rest for 6-8 hours and let the body rise with rejoicing.

Pray often. This fuels the oven of Love.

Read scripture for additional recipes and Solutions.

Meditate. Allow the flavors to simmer.

Warriors of Light know that the Spirits must be fed. Honoring Him by sharing puts the frosting on the cake !

In the Theater of Life, Cast Members have Different Entrance Times.

Life happens with us on center stage. Each of our roles as father, brother, worker becomes an ego state by which we measure performance or perhaps the load we feel we must carry. There are no shackles binding these loads, we tote voluntarily. Carried alone without His hand, success brings pride and failure brings despair.

Pray, this keeps you in His loop and your loads on His shoulders. If you forget your lines He will give you your cue or a clue.

Read scripture, it says the unthinkable, holds the truth and offers the Humility to perform safely.

Meditate. Relax and visualize. Use your subconscious for your benefit.

Warriors of Light know In the theater of Life, cast members have different entrance times. When their scenes are over they do not depart, they hang in the wings watching their loved ones perform.

Finding the Way is Easy if You have Directions and the Light.

Finding the Way is easy if you have Directions and the Light. Continuing is doable while Spiritually fed with the Soul fueled. Friends and family make it fun in planning and memories. Did we miss part while worrying and stepping out of the Present ?

Relax and keep the mind with the hands. Difficulties let you know who each other is and His presence adds buttercream frosting to the Joy of a shared experience,

Pray for everything you need. He loves just hearing from you!

Read scripture and find visitor reports on similar adventures.

Meditate. Purposely relax and allow Him to pull the sled,

Warriors of Light know the value is in the journey rather than the destination. Traveling and visiting add fertilizer and water to relationships in the present, past and  future.

Through Personal Touch

Get out what is put in ! Suit up and show up ! The most successful realtor stated his availability as “when you had time to look. “ When you called his number, he answered.

Not through Instagram or Tweets but through personal touch.

Pray with Thanksgiving. When people are thankful for what you give it inspires more giving.

Read scripture, note the track record of those who took His Word personally.

Meditate to recharge.

Warriors of Light know relationships are like gardens, they must be cultivated and tended to grow and bear fruit. He always takes our calls personally and will delivers us from the snare of the fowler and the noisome pestilence.

 It is Only Pride that Keeps our Hands on the Reins

It is only pride that keeps our hands on the reins comparing our struggles to that of others. Seasons, feelings and circumstances change but He stays the same, waiting to be of help. He is always at hand and the solution to everything is to let Him carry the weight.

Pray and let your feelings be known.

Read scripture. The Humility of opening the pages opens the heart to the Good News.

Meditate. Relax and breathe deeply. From there one can often get the message as His Kingdom is within.

Warriors of Light share with fellow troops and with estranged travelers. Their missions spread the Joy available to all.

Hear the Underlying Music of Peace

Choose the Power to let the Light inside ! Carefully choose the words which describe who and where you are. Instead of remarking with knitted brow that the arm motion is restricted, declare Gratitude for its capabilities and Praise for the expected improvement. Exercise the power of thoughts and words to create reality. Use them wisely.

Pray for Wisdom and discernment. Choose responses rather than reacting.

Read scripture and hear the underlying music of Peace.

Meditate. Turn off input and relax in the current position.

Warriors of Light find Joy in service. They do not move far impulsively.

They practice right actions to develop right thinking. Decisions based on feelings develop problems. Decisions based on principles offer Peace in His Goodness.