Select Your Buckets with Wisdom

Life is a classroom where learning is measured with buckets of Joy. Some lie at the end of a soul stretching path, are very warm and must be held with protective gloves. Prayers will keep them bubbling and fresh. Some overflow and can be shared, many increase their contentment by sharing.

Pray to select your buckets with wisdom.

Read scripture to keep them insulated.

Meditate and relax. Take the lid off the bucket and let it be filled !

Warriors of Light know that He takes Joy in supplying more buckets. The most and the best are open to giving and receiving, often they find a Gold star !

What Grows is What is Planted

Cotton is harvested where cotton is planted, corn where corn is planted. Both must compete with weeds having a history there or blowing in.

Pray and plant your time in His shadow, water it in with Joy.

Read scripture and plant Good news in your heart.

Meditate and fertilize your soul with cool Peace.

Warriors of Light plant kindness and mercy. Their swords of Truth cut through weeds and their shields of Faith resist thorns. They dwell in His house as kindness and mercy follow them home.

Allow the Wheels of the Soul to Roll

Individually designed for each is the vehicle of Soul. It can be molded into a Rolls, Ferrari, Chevy pickup, or VW beetle, all choices are available. It can be detailed and serviced at the House of Worship and driving lessons are available. Viewed with the heart of child all options can be added and all destinations are possible.

Pray for vision to see Love that guides and protects.

Read scripture to find the road map. The Word will stimulate internal radar.

Meditate. This allows the mind to realize a Church is a garage not a police station.

Warriors of Light know Forgiveness is the grease that allows wheels to roll. Rolling in Joy for a cruise or a race, all choices are available.

Soaking Works Miracles

Soaking works miracles !  Soaking in soapy water removes grease stains, in warm water eases back pain, in scripture cleanses the brain. A renewal of the mind is always available for free.

Pray to walk tall and leave the burdens with Management.

Read scripture, wrap in a robe of righteous perspective.

Meditate and breathe in His Mercy, requested and received.

Warriors of Light soak in the Light of the Commander and find reflection with fellow troops. Their movements become straight and upright. This leaves less knots to soak and untangle.

Faith Is the Foundation for Our Spiritual Home

No time, space, workplace or relationship in Life exists without the need for encouragement and protection. Just as houses are made into homes with the addition of Love, all environments improve with His touch.

Pray to see difficulties as the opportunities they really are.

Read scripture to learn about using Spiritual tools and weapons.

Meditate as a practice for strengthening the soul.

Warriors of Light use Faith as a foundation for their homes. They build steep roofs of Truth allowing the news of the day slide from their plates. They paint their walls with Kindness and flip on the Light of Gratitude when coming home. When resentment or illness knock at the door, they refuse the delivery and ask Him to handle the packages.

Our Own Perfect Chair

The perfect chair offers welcoming texture, support to sit and rise easily, reclining for rest and positioning for writing or reading.

Family members know they receive the best answers from that chair. They also know not everyone  is so comfortable in that chair. Look up to see His arms always available to hold us like our own perfect chair.

Pray and arise refreshed.

Read scripture and relax in its perspective.

Meditate. Silence the committee and relax, almost snoozing.

Warriors of Light can march and serve as oft as they do for several reasons. First, they carry only the burdens necessary for that days’s missions, He carries the rest. Second, they allow Him to pick the path and clear the way while they concentrate only on the next right step. Lastly, they know while pleasing Him, they cannot lose and the end of the journey will find them in His arms like their favorite old chair.

Playing Our Best

Peace and Love hold the goal posts. Training camp taught us basics like the Golden Rule or Magic words of please and thanks. The Head Coach outlined maneuvers to get the heart across the field. The Quarterback calls each play. Willingness allows Him to pass and gain yardage without tackle.

Playing our best and following His calls holds the opportunity to score.

Pray for Peace on both sides.

Read scripture and learn the best plays.

Meditate on the joys in Life’s game.

Warriors of Light know that they must keep their mind on the ball. If they leave the present to review the last play, they can get blind sided or out run. His hand is available to holds ours only in the present.

When You Fail Ask Forgiveness

Do your best for Him and be kind to others. When you fail ask forgiveness from them and Him.

That is all you can do. The rest is up to Him. He is pleased and undue concern after that does not honor His place.

Pray and share with Him feelings suitable or unsuitable. He loves hearing prayers.

Read scripture, use it for encouragement and guidance.

Meditate on the Goodness in life.

Warriors of Light know that they win their battles by taking orders only from their Superior. They use Trust and Gratitude to dust away fear and doubts.

Decisions Weave Patterns of Thought


Decisions weave patterns of thought into life. He provides the loom, thread quality is selected individually and stitches depend on willingness and ambition. Integrity and Trust keep things tight and even. Self gratifying desire allows pesky moth holes.

Pray more often. See your fabric quality improve.

Read scripture and knit the Word into your heart.

Meditate and relax in the satiny texture of your mind with the committee’s volume turned off.

Warriors of Light know lint quality and fiber strength. The prudent ones learn from their own experience, the wise simply Trusted  the Commander.

Let Go of the Chains You Have Been Carrying

Pray for direction, let Him be in charge, enjoy the people, creatures and adventures of Life. Let go of the chains you’ve been carrying and express Gratitude for the lighter weight. Go with the flow and forget directing the traffic.

Pray to stay on the beam. Use His Light to see through the shadows.

Read scripture for inspiration and guidance.

Meditate to refuel. Relax in awe and quiet that talkative, opinionated committee. Find peace in silence.

Warriors of Light do what they can to be of service in each moment. Rehearsing responses to anticipated words is of no count. They have learned (slowly) that is none of their business what other people are thinking.