The Hero Can Be Us!

Thoughts control the show ! The cast is chosen, the drama begins, the hero can be us, the prize can be won and the ending can be happy if our thinking honors Him.

Pray to realize Who is worthy of our love and trust.

Read scripture, be reminded of His majesty.

Meditate on His Glory and find Peace.

Warriors of Light know the privilege of proper thought training. The ability to see all but Him as illusions centers the mind. Truth, but a difficult concept.

Pull Open the Bed Covers, Start a New Day

Arrogance is often subtle, disguised as an old bruise or scar. Nevertheless it closes the soul from many of the gifts, opportunities, and relationships in The Great Plan.

Pray as if pulling open the covers to start a new day.

Read scripture to help remove the creases while making the bed.

Meditate as if relaxing on your favorite pillow before rising.

Warriors of Light use Humility as an anti inflammatory. It works on injuries from any age. Mixed with Forgiveness it can protect the soul from re-injury, and remove stains of arrogance. Even old Warriors dance and see their childhood improve.

Trust Him Enough

Humility is the key and thinking about Him is the answer. Trust Him enough to turn your thoughts to His attributes instead of planning the details of how to solve the problem. Particularly when your solution  involves another child of God and their future.

Pray to be of use in his service and His will to be done. Now get out of the way.

Read scripture and learn about the joy and wealth available in His will.

As Meditate on His greatness instead of calculating your next move.

Warriors of Light do the best they can and then accept the outcome. Acceptance is a practiced art and a very important part of WOL training.

Acceptance and Gratitude are benchmarks for promotion and pay increases  in His camps.

Words Color the Project and the Day

Thoughts and words have power. Whether spoken or heard they color the project and the day. Our choice is to use those that Honor Him and reach out to others.

Pray to gain His guidance in our choices.

Read scripture, it renews the mind making the choices.

Meditate, a practice which clears the drawing board.

Warriors of Light know life is a 3D printing of our thoughts and words. They carefully choose their own words, buffing out the offensive noise and polishing the Perfect ones. Humility and Gratitude provide this angle of approach.

Sometimes We Need a Hug

Stop and enjoy ! Stop the belief that rushing will result in arrival at a better time. Do the next right thing and appreciate what and who you have become. Notice where you are and see His other children nearby. Some need a hug and others offer a smile.

Pray and speak to the One who placed the people and the opportunities in your path.

Read scripture. Notice the descriptions of and encouragement for the next right step.

Meditate. Relax and let Wisdom tailor your ambitions.

Warriors of Light know that it is Direction that matters. Willingness to ask, receive and follow His direction illustrates the Humility necessary for success.

Let Him Fill Your Heart

Learning is continuous because we see and know only a slice of each moment. The spiritual realities of life are  everlasting, all the rest will pass.

There is a hungry hole inside the heart seeking His touch and unconditional Love. Accept Him into the heart and fill the hole. Walk in His Love, become whole then Holy.

Pray to find Peace of mind constantly available.

Read scripture to see the blueprints, design and instructions.

Meditate on the Goodness. Breathe deeply and relax.

Warriors of Light know they are never alone. His Love is constant and His helpers are everywhere. His love offers strength and breaks bondages. Try it for free.

His Truth Glows in the Heart

Information can be overwhelming. Repeated enough, with the right tone of voice, by the right people, it seems believable. Without His firm foundation to measure direction, we can be led astray.

Pray to the Author of Peace.

Read scripture to learn that God is Love.

Meditate and breathe in Trust.

Warriors of Light are trained and fortified with His Truth. They carry it in their hearts, it glows and draws others to their side.

Warriors stand with open hands to share what they have tasted.

When It Seems Impossible to Win

Realize everyday as special, enjoy the rhythm, keep playing when it seems impossible to win, see amazing results. Time and age matter not. It is the heart and appreciation of His work that shape the soul and offer perspective.

Pray to stay in touch with The Best Friend you could wish for.

Read scripture. It will unlock a view that you can put to use.

Meditate. Contemplate your blessings while breathing deeply.

Warriors of Light just keep taking the next right step or making the next right move. The Victory is  theirs the game starts.

There is a Plan and it is Fulfilling

Let it all fall into place. Get out of His way and be in His will. Coincidences are really Winks from the Great Manager. There is a plan and walking in the plan is more fulfilling and easier than self-centered drive. Surrender  brings victory !

Pray to stay in contact with Management.

Read scripture. Instructions bring revaluation .

Warriors of Light love to dance ! When marching to their own rhythm they can step on toes, their own and those of others. When listening to His songs and Psalms they dance more joyfully, others join in and all toes are protected .

Trust is the Game Changer

Fear is the only block stopping any growth or success. Fear is only unwillingness to experience possible pain. Fear can walk hand in hand with Faith but Faith moves the feet.

Trust is the game changer. Take His hand and walk through the fear. The change will be noticeable.

Pray to see the changing trends, He can see further than you.

Read scripture to see patterns which continue today.

Meditate. Inhale deeply and just listen.

Warriors of Light use Humility to build habits of Thanksgiving and Praise. These habits cut through fear and hurt feelings leading to right actions. Right actions lead to right thinking.