Good Times are Green Pastures

Actions and inaction have consequences which cause the heart to grow or harden. With Him as the CEO there are no injustices or tragedies, only opportunities for growth. Appearances may differ but all things work for the good of His purposes.

Pray to understand the benefits of change.

Read scripture. Just having the books open will change the perspective.

Meditate on the Goodness in life.

Warriors of Light know that growth is measured by the warmth of their smile and their generosity. Hard times forge their spiritual weapons and practice their moves. Good times are green pastures. Constant are the times for Praise and Thanksgiving.

Develop Your Potential and Embrace True Joy

Joy is offered to all. This Joy lasts even through disappointments and pain. Joy lies in proper alignment with Our Creator and tucks itself into our perspective. Acknowledging Him as separate and greater than us allows us to develop our potential. All have potential, few develop it.

Pray to be in position to accept your Joy.

Read scripture to learn the meaning and purposes of Joy.

Meditate and breathe in the depths of Joy.

Warriors of Light taste happiness and know Joy. Warriors know potential as an active path. Potential left untouched remains unreached and becomes sadly stale.

When Was the Last Time You Thanked Your Guardian Angels?

All solutions and opportunities lie in trusting the Almighty and His children. All problems are self centered fear in different costumes. These costumes engage one’s ego in the theater of the mind. They dance to the tune of “should, could, would and what if”.

Pray for clarity on your own care.

Read scripture for clues on limiting harmful exposures of the soul.

Meditate on Goodness and stick with those who Honor Him.

Warriors of Light don’t camp too close to enemy lines. Warriors maintain their perimeter by appreciated Guardians and evening prayers.

Oh, by the way, when was the last time you thanked your guardian angels ?

Keep Your Heart as That of a Child

Use your talents for the good. Draw, write, invest, pray, cook, fish, track game, sing or dance. Don’t think yourself too busy, unworthy or old just thank Him and keep moving. Be willing to share what you have learned, when asked by others.

Pray for all of your plans and be being willing to change them.

Read scripture, it helps everybody when we read.

Meditate on His good Word and good works in your life.

Warriors of Light know to keep their heart as that of a child. This angle of approach allows them the smiles and joys of a child as well.

Time and Money Given Returns Multiplied

Willingness melts the hardness of our hearts. Hearts can be attractively hardened in rituals, even prayers, but willingness makes us available for His use without hiding behind old scars.

Pray. Make prayer second only to your breath.

Read scripture Old or New as the guidelines to Humility become clear.

Meditate. Find stability in His rhythm regardless of the market moves.

Warriors of Light know that time is what we really have and like money, if given away it will be multiplied and returned. Add willingness to your time and hit the jackpot of blessings.

Balance is Found with His Scales

Once awake, thinking begins establishing reality. Direction is a choice between poles. No matter the choice, opposite poles still exert magnetism. Handing it up to Him pulls the matter away, setting us free, becoming ready to accept the outcome with Him at our side.

Pray. Prayer works. Prayer is an exertion and a force which has impact.

Read scripture to acquaint the mind with the process of renewal.

Meditate. Restful thought empowers.

Warriors of Light balance the loads of acceptance and warfare by using His scales not their mother’s. His Love is truly unconditional and everlasting.

The Goodwill of the Season

Breathe in the Goodwill of the season. Dance in the hope of the new year. Our Father loves the expression of Love and sharing of gifts. Look up and know the greatest Gift is the knowledge of His caring.

Pray and speak with Him directly.

Read scripture Old and New.

Meditate on your blessings and watch more arrive.

Warriors of Light enjoy holidays too. Their glow arouses the disheartened. Their successes assure the skeptics. Their generosity etches the hearts of fallen allowing cracks for His Light to enter.

Our Angle of Approach Makes All the Difference

Our angle of approach makes all the difference. We can see it as an adventure or a difficulty. The most seemingly tragic events can arouse courage and compassion. Our Creator is always present to guide and help if we but ask.

Pray as if asking a teacher for help with an assignment.

Read scripture, life is an open book test.

Meditate, relax and take as much time as you like with each problem.

Warriors of Light know that He wants us to learn certain lessons. They will reoccur if we miss the point. He often gives pop quizzes to keep us at the top of our game.

Arm Yourself with Shields of Faith and Swords of Truth

Words and actions reflect our thinking and our heart. Odd thoughts and feelings appear, our responsibility lies in refusing to entertain them. The mind is a battleground between Good and evil. The winner is the one we personally arm.

Pray often, pray aloud. This transforms the mood.

Read scripture. This transforms the mind.

Warriors of Light engage in Spiritual Warfare. They arm themselves with Shields of Faith and Swords of Truth.

Quality is in the Workmanship

Fine houses are built with fine beams, studs and trusses. Fine cars are built with well designed and engineered parts.

A great life comes with repeated quality decisions, most important of which is to honor Our Father.

Pray aloud and think aloud to check our lines of thought.

Read scripture to renew the mind.

Meditate. Rest the thinking and just breathe. Listen to the good.

Warriors of Light know to keep it simple. They use Trust to grease their movements, Honor to direct their decisions then opportunities are drawn to their reliability and smiles.