He Speaks to Your Heart When the Pages are Open

Actions make the difference. Good ideas and new understanding find value only with actions, oft repeated and oft called new habits, also called follow through. These are gifts from the Director even when He works without acknowledgement.

Pray and watch Acknowledgement (also called Praise) multiply the gifts.

Read scripture. He speaks from the pages and in your heart when the pages are open.

Meditate. Relax with deep breathing. Now gratefully listen.

Warriors of Light know their concern is only for the next step. If that honors Him and is in the right direction they walk an adventurous path to Life and Peace.

Don’t Look Back or Linger in Regret

Honor the Life you have been given by choosing your steps forward wisely. Don’t look back or linger in regret. Use your energy to lean into His plan. Listen to your built in homing signals and use Trust as your walking stick. Exert your efforts with Love, tenderly.

Pray and listen. All prayers are answered.

Read scripture to see the guidelines to Life and Peace.

Meditate. Inhale His reassurance deeply.

Warriors of Light establish a perimeter. They rest well because, while polite to all, they bed down only with those who lift them up and guard their backside from the enemy.

Searching for the Way Home

Starting in unison with our mothers or the spiritual universe we become separated, broken parts, searching for the way home. We build our egos and individuality to survive our journey. This becomes the block to our return.

Pray to let go and let Him see us Home.

Read scripture to unlock the homing signal in our hearts.

Meditate. Feel the rhythm of belonging in your deep breathing.

Warriors of Light glow because they have moved some large pieces which  blocked the mirror of His Love. Reflected, His Love repairs broken parts, broken hearts and illuminates the Way Home.

Keep Your Attention on the Good and the Battle is Won

Stay your attention on the good and know that this was the battle. With that maintained, the battle is won. The only battle was in the mind and the prize is a softened heart which gains the soul. He created His children for His pleasure.

Pray to keep the mind on Life and Peace.

Read scripture, find understanding of the mysteries.

Meditate at least once a day. Deep breathing and worthy contemplation soothes the wounds and the itches.

Warriors of Light need not camp near the enemy or the unkind. Warriors keep their armor close even when relaxed. The Commander does the planning and the protection. His hand is always extended.

Inhale Faith and exhale Enthusiasm

Take Joy in the  chores of daily care. Relish being alive by staying together with Management in the present. Fold the personal agenda and allow each day to unfold beauty to be seen, mysteries to be solved, Love to be shared.

Pray and enjoy being your best.

Read scripture and weave it’s message into your steps.

Meditate. Really stop and breathe deeply. Inhale Faith and exhale Enthusiasm.

Warriors of Light wear the coveralls of Honor, steel toed boots of Courage and hard-hats of acceptance. They let Him Light the path knowing their attire reads dependable and Trust worthy. It is timelessly appealing, sexy and ages well.

Just the Humility Required to Open the Pages

Willingness, positioning, practice and Trust allow the witness of miracles. These are the works that keep Faith alive. These are the elements of success and growth in any area.

Pray, aloud if necessary, it works.

Read scripture. Just the Humility required to open the pages avails much guidance sometimes without seeming so.

Meditate. Praying aloud or quietly reading are forms of meditation.

Warriors of Light encourage each other not to give up before the miracles are visible. The right actions produce right results. The perspective to see this may take food, rest or a hug.

True Companions Match Pace

Generosity shows strength and wisdom. We really own nothing but enjoy its use, careful not to allow it to own us. True companions in this journey need no invitations, they become noticed by the matching pace.

Pray to maintain focus on real priorities.

Read scripture.  Learn we belong to Him. This realization fills the hole in the soul.

Meditate on the good and joyful things while breathing deeply.

Warriors of Light know there are enemies of The Good. The most dangerous mock affection, while cloaking daggers in their thoughts. Warriors of Light sleep soundly after battle beside those with the matched pace.

You Are Different But Beautifully So

Dance with joy sometime during each day ! The breath of life is a treasure not to be wasted. Yes, you are different but beautifully so. Enter the Light where you will shine. Let your shine inspire another and offer the hand of Hope. Feel His Love as you open your fist to reach out. With open hands you will receive more than you can give. Mystery, mystery !

Pray and listen to the answers He gives you. Some call the still small voice intuition.

Read Good Words. Your mind will glean the positive and turn a bit each time. Your Heart will feed and soften.

Meditate. Let the world spin without your direction. Relax, safely fixed to its surface.

Warriors of Light know Humility as the key to being right sized. They choose loyalty as their path to Honor. Loyalty will cleanse the mind of imaginable doubts and allow the delight of dancing intimately, deeply bonding with The Creator and His other children

Offer Kindness and Honesty and Gain Trust

The offer is Life with interest and dividends! Take it and choose love and generosity. See the return on your investment grow. Take the high road as you move through circumstances. Fall in love with The One who loves you the most. Offer kindness with honesty and gain Trusts.

Pray to let your thinking be guided by Him.

Read scripture for reassurance and direction. Truth will stand through wear and time.

Meditate as a regular practice.

It pays off.

Warriors of Light enjoy Life ! Their main asset is time and they spend wisely. Acknowledging Him as the Great Provider leaves them without any real costs of living.