Love and Joy in Our Hands

Focusing on each moment that we are in makes the present a present. Focus on the actual Love and Joy in our hands makes it multiply. The mind traveling to regrets or desires is removed from the present.

Pray to voice appreciation.

Read scripture it will adjust your angle of approach.

Meditate especially if you think you are pressed for time.

Warriors of Light mind the present and mine the present. It  makes one smile, gives Him the problems, the Glory and lets them dance through Life while helping others.

The Battle is Already Won, Embrace the Victory

Alone, nothing great is ever accomplished without the risk of heartbreak and failure. With His direction, great adventures come with Love and gifts of spiritual growth. It is a greater privilege to serve than to be served.

Pray to use your life force in a kind and helpful way.

Read scripture and feed your soul.

Meditate and digest your learning and yearning.

Warriors of Light know they cannot lose under His command.

The battle theater is large, the enemies are unusual and often personal. The lessons are deep the prizes are great and The Battle is already won. The task is to embrace the Victory with Grace. Shalom.

Celebrate in Your Ability to Be Kind and Understanding

Celebrate in your own ability to be kind and understanding, which grows proportionally with our Trust in Him. Nothing else can impact you, your health, your wealth or your entire reality more.

Remember celebration is in the present moment, filled with smiles and Joy.

Pray because it is our privilege to speak to Him personally.

Read scripture and find that it’s answers are offered for us.

Meditate because it is our privilege to relax in His care.

Warriors of Light accept the responsibilities of care of themselves and their household, knowing that He works through us and others to gain our portion.

Climbing Through the Rocky Times

Use the right tool for the job ! Unlock your vision aids with the tool of Thanksgiving. Notice that Praise for what you have, regardless of what you feel, actually brings more Light to the situation. Remember that our attitude is our angle of approach.

Pray and speak to the Author of Peace.

Read scripture and let the words from the page feed your heart.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax.

Warriors of Light are practiced at using the tools of Thanksgiving and Praise. They use these like pitons to climb through the rocky times of life. Their smiles are the evidence of their things not seen.

Spiritual Conditioners Can Help Prevent Frayed Nerves

God offers us Creme rinse and conditioners for our tangles ! He wants us to grow and shine. He offers Solutions for every problem.

Life is most easily cared for when clean. A passing car can splash a puddle on us or a dusty friend may decide to embrace leaving a trail. God is able to cleanse us and our hearts if we but ask with Humility.

Pray often to keep the channels open and unwebbed.

Read scripture to let your real purposes and truths come to light.

Meditate. Relax in the Peace He offers.

Warriors of Light know that there are Spiritual conditioners to help prevent split ends and frayed nerves. Even worthy projects can leave us sore. Warriors encourage brethren to reach for help and enjoy the glow that comes with His polish.

Communications and Integrity

Communication requires integrity of electrical parts, wave lengths, transistors and translators. It starts with integrity of the heart. Without this integrity words are often used to hurt and manipulate. Here, there is no obligation to respond and survival skills lead one elsewhere for Life and Peace. He is the author of Peace.

Pray and tell Our Father about it all. He delivers Wisdom and Discernment 24/7, for free.

Read scripture it holds answers and clears the mind to receive them.

Meditate. Stop moving and worrying, relax in His breath if not your own.

Warriors of Light stand by their words. They understand many others do not. They move amongst these, when necessary,  without resentment or desire to control.

Knowing that the main gig is their relationship with Him, they allow other things to fall into place. They enjoy His Peace.

Forgiveness Takes Practice

Forgiveness takes practice. Embracing forgiveness, as a gift that can be learned, keeps you balanced even under attack. Remember He is the scorekeeper. Trusting Him, to redeem you and any losses suffered, invisibly blocks the punches.

Pray and discuss matters with the Guy in Charge.

Read scripture to remind yourself of His Power.

Meditate because you safely can and because it centers your Soul.

Warriors of Light move with purpose and energy. Their posture and pace sets them apart.

Their Faith is in Him not the encountered or fellow troop. Warriors trained in forgiveness are very hard to fire upon or injure.

The Best Cards We Hold

Time, Love, and Perseverance are the best cards we hold. They count as three of a kind. Desire to grow and please Our Father is a good ante.  Betting on appropriate relationships to flourish and inappropriate ones to fall away gives us a full house. Look up and let Him show you your next move.

Pray often as if chatting with a friend. He can see everyone’s cards.

Read scripture to find the pot holds Life and Peace.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax.

Warriors of Light play more easily than most. Their poker face is a smile and they’ll show their cards to just anyone. They camp in their Father’s House and the House always wins !

He Can Still the Waves

Gratitude and Praise are tools not just results. Spiritual tools which can be employed more forceful than a raging river. Free and always available, Gratitude can alter relationships, change finances, improve health.

Pray, no matter how long it has been or how deep you are in, He awaits your call.

Read scripture. It was written for you, saved until you were ready.

Meditate in any way that suits you. It will grease your gears.

Warriors of Light know how to surf through life. They paddle hard to gain position being tossed by the power of swells. They are tired but ready. Feeling the lift, the shoulder of the wave, they stand. Their toes hold and their weight shifts to balance, to ride then cut an angle immersed in thrill as they just catch the curl or shoot the barrel.

Warriors encourage others to dive into the waves of life and paddle beside them knowing He can still the waves.

Help is on the Way with only a Request

Choose to honor Him with your words and actions and you become honorable. No matter your past or present failings or dilemma He is reaching out in your heart. He uses the fallen and the broken to display His strength and Power.

Pray and speak personally with the Creator of the Universe. He is listening.

Read scripture to discover He aches to set you free from your bondages.

Meditate. Just inhale deeply and relax for a few, this counts.

Warriors of Light have learned that we are all but one step away from improvement, healing, discovery, falling more in love, rescue, fulfillment or disaster. It is our choice to but place one foot in the right direction. Help is on the way with only a request.