You are Built to be Good Company

Don’t miss the magic of the day !

It holds the “present”. Decide today to deal with only what is before you. Look up for Guidance and smile at the opportunity to speak with the King of kings who will enable you to bring your dreams to life. Now march on without opening any closets to find an old grievance or old face to carry with you through your journey.

Pray. Just converse with Him as you travel along. He Loves you and built you to be good company.

Read scripture to stay on the right page as you navigate.

Meditate. As exciting and sure as your mission seems, stop and breathe deeply for a few.

Warriors of Light know that minutes spent in prayer, meditation, or meetings with other Warriors are never lost moments. They act as propellers, magnifying energy with heat seekers, finding just what is needed to let miracles finish the day !

Opportunity is like a Cool Breeze in the Shade

Woman spinning around in the park

Viewing the present situation as an opportunity for growth while enjoying the shade or a cool breeze keeps us in touch with Him. Salted with Gratitude it becomes tasty. All situations change and our proper attitude will allow in the Light.

Pray and find the strength in Humility.

Read scripture, learn from the wrong moves of others.

Meditate. Hush the head committee and breathe deeply. Let the world spin without your guidance.

Most Warriors of Light have a few scars from “taking it personally”.  Their main Joy is serving the Commander by helping others. Their own matches are won before scores are posted on the board.