There Is a Plan for Your Joy

There is a plan, place, family and design for your joy. The design does not include you clinging to one place, thing, habit, person or pet.

The design is to Trust Him and go with the flow of His Glory and purpose.

Pray for understanding and peace.

Read scripture to remind you of the truth you already know.

Meditate. Purposely relax. Just be and listen.

Warriors of Light employ Trust in their countenance, actions and reactions. Carefully choosing their family and friends, Warriors know it is better to be loved and bereaved than to never have loved at all.

Change is Good and Ever Present

Change is good and ever present, embrace it ! Babies arrive as signs of hope and we die as an act of completion. Anticipate the arrival of change with Joy, this is our choice, our  expression of Gratitude. This is the Salve, always present, which turns a sense of loss into appreciation. This is the confetti which bathes a moment and makes it a celebration !

Pray and share your words with Him. He listens.

Read scripture, find the instructions. Your part is to register the Warranty !

Meditate. Purposely take time to relax and know.

Warriors of Light receive Light and its warmth like the water of a bath or the smile of a lover. They stay ready and expectant always moving out of the shadows.

See What is Available to You

Open your eyes and see what is available to you, previously hidden by old failures and old scars. Today is a new day. He is watching and He is here to help.

We are designed with a plan to be more than we envision.

Pray and look up.

Read scripture to remind you.

Meditate. Relaxing with deep breathing offers an easy upward turn.

Warriors of Light know they may request a clean heart and renewed strength at any time. They are not required to carry old baggage during these new missions.

Leave Burdens in the Past

Don’t let time fly by without being in it. Stay out of the past and quit carrying its burdens. Look only a step or two toward the future or you will miss the Love and the lessons of today.

The One you seek lives only in the present. The moment belongs to you !

Pray and watch yourself grow into who you were meant to be.

Read scripture. Take little pieces at a time and ponder its value.

Meditate while breathing deeply and listen for His breath.

Warriors of Light, seen so easily from a distance, make easy targets. They use shields of Faith to quench the fiery darts of pains, illnesses, and doubt. They cover themselves with prayers and take cover under the shadow of The Almighty which is equipped for travel.

When He Sends Us a Message

Treasure your miracles and receive more ! If you see the clouds in a shape that moves you, be thankful, express it. If a tissue, dampened by your tears, falls to the floor and later looks like an angel dancing across the carpet, be thankful and appreciate His wink.

When a parking space is just perfectly timed, know He is holding your hand.

Pray to see His work in all of your life. Be humbled by His attention to detail.

Read scripture and learn to cherish it and the people who saved it for you to read.

Meditate by breathing in deeply and slowly.

Warriors of Light breathe in Humility and out Gratitude as they march. These two Forces make them safe from defeat and charged for their purposes. These Forces make them the Armed Forces.

Listen to Hear the Stillness

Your Creator designed you to love and be joyful, it honors Him and brings Him fellowship. Refuse the packages sent by the evil one. Refuse to feel the pain or carry the old burdens. Your hands will be filled with the blessings of each day if you but unscrew your lips and smile.

Pray for vision and good sense.

Read scripture. It cleans the lens of your perception.

Meditate. Stop moving and breathe deeply. Listen to the still.

Warriors of Light know the power of spiritual tools. They use Gratitude to shield the darts of poor thinking (theirs or others). They use Praise to stir up Joy. Prayer gives them a non stop conversation with Management to handle issues and details. They find it most wise to use their smiles with Him too.

Key to the Pattern of Mysteries

Humility offers us a taste of the blessings available. Put away solutions formulated by the committee in our minds and Trust Him. Even if the path seems painful He is leading us in the most fruitful and least dangerous way.

Pray freely and expect an answer.

Read scripture. It holds keys to the mysteries.

Meditate. Stop moving and breathe deeply. What was clouded becomes clear.

Warriors of Light are never alone and never without purpose. The Commander directs their adventures and Holds their hands. He arranges things in a pattern for them. When they thankfully notice it, He winks!

A Shield Made of Broken Pieces of the Heart

Sometimes a spark will fly in a look, a word, a lock of hair, a fragrance as they pass. It consumes our heart, then our mind, repeated it becomes a relationship. We have nothing in common, we try and we fail to find lasting purpose or peace. There is no sure foundation.

Pray to build your home upon a Firm Foundation.

Read scripture old and new for understanding and Truth.

Meditate. Be still, breathe deeply, let your heart open and listen.

Warriors of Light carry beautiful shields that glisten in the sun. They pick up colors and shine. They are formed by a mosaic of sharp broken pieces placed carefully together by The Artist of Life. The broken pieces are from the Warrior’s heart.

Walk on with Faith

Consequences always follow. It may be so long that you think they missed you but they will arrive in their time. If they are good, enjoy your accolades and if otherwise know the He holds your hand. Walk on with Faith to your calling.

Pray as you walk, work and breathe.

Read scripture. It will illustrate the timelessness of Truth.

Meditate and relax in the safety of His Love.

Warriors of Light keep their weapons clean. Soot from old battles can thwart the path of their spiritual bullets. It is better to come clean in confessions, in preparation for new encounters, and in becoming available for new assignments.

Belief and Faith Are to be Reached For

Faith is a choice to believe. Believe means to accept as true. Acceptance is a choice. Belief and Faith are not issued out or given as certificates, they are reached for !

Pray and discuss these issues with Management. It gives Him joy to listen and to deliver.

Read scripture.  It is so important that it was copied by hand. Old manuscripts reveal that its wording has remained.

Meditate. This means stop the doing and breathe deeply with your eyes closed. You will be amazed by the vision gained.

Warriors of Light choose to Believe and they march in the Light. Their step, the glow in their eyes is distinguishable. When one takes a tumble or feels a pain he calls up and he calls other troops. Together their cries are heard. Relief is always available, belief allows its entrance.