Free the Butterfly Inside


Such opportunity for joy ! Built with the capacity to analyze, appreciate and express, we are also built to be happy. Rid yourself of the stone in your shoe  or the burr under your saddle. Offer your joy for His Glory and stay under the wings of the Almighty.  He is your very present help in times of trouble.

Pray and tell Him and yourself about the Goodness in your life.

Read scripture to discover even the pain to be good.

Meditate as a habit. This allows the Goodness to become more visible.

Warriors of Light march to a cheerful cadence. This lifts the step of those they meet. The Light of a Warrior allows others to watch a dark hardened cocoon release a butterfly.

He Reaches Us Through the Hands of Our Friends and Loved Ones

Right actions, with Love, make you a success for the moment.  These are actions which honor Him. Continue and be a success for the day.  How hard will it be to lead a successful life ?

Start with the hardest part. Discover starting to be the hardest part.

Pray for inspiration, help and direction.

Read scripture, it delights your Spirit.

Meditate with scripture on your breath and feed your soul.

Warriors of Light know their numbers are building. They see fellow troops in unexpected places smiling, offering hope, demonstrating faith and showing the care of Our Father. He reaches us through the hands of our friends, loved ones and often strangers that we know.

PS  We plan to feature the spiritual solution for procrastination but we are  putting it off.

Celebrate Life with a Smile

Celebrate your life with a smile in each moment. Smiles are contagious and they bring joy to others. Smiles open the way for Him to bless you further. Look around and find the treasures before you, a ray of sunshine or a breeze. These can’t be purchased but they make the day.

Pray to see the Goodness in everything.

Read scripture and learn the signals.

Meditate by breathing slowly and deeply. Treasure the peace.

Warriors of Light smile while on missions. They recognize fellow troops by the twinkle in their eye.

They value something unique in each little moment. Life is like the contests where you must be present to win.

Prayer is Our Life Line to Our Father

Love is His gift and His being. Love Him in return with Humility. Humility allows Him to make the plans and carry the burdens. Our job is to be of service by caring for His other children.

Pray. This is our life line to Our Father.

Read scripture, let it whisper to your heart as He whispers in your  thoughts.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax in Gratitude.

Warriors of Light are careful about with whom they march. The cadence of the Commander sets the pace and the fragrance of prayer is in the wind. Their lives are filled with purpose and direction. They know the troop behind them has their back and the battle is already won.

The World is Round there are No Real Corners

We paint ourselves into corners where only He can pull us out. So ask Him, relax and practice your Trust. Don’t use the same mind that put you in there to plan your escape. Use Thanksgiving and Praise as your tools.

Pray and tell your Father all about it. Thank Him for His help.

Read scripture and let your mind be renewed.

Meditate. Relax and breathe deeply. Enjoy the stillness.

Warriors of Light know that the world is round. There are no real corners.

Wall of Peace

Circumstances present themselves and we present our attitude or angle of approach. Governed by emotion it remains unruly, governed by principles it is stayed. Regardless, attitude controls most experiences. Choose the possibilities or the mess.

Pray to see from His perspective.

Read scripture and become familiar with old lessons, still True.

Meditate. People talk about this, few do it. Who are they ?

Warriors of Light are trained by allowing His sovereignty to reach their heart. Often reminded while counting to ten their moves become responses more often than reactions. This builds a wall of Peace.

There is a Plan for You

There is a plan for you. You were designed with a passion for it. Life may have led you on a path with your planned purpose on the back burner. Trust your Creator. Let Him move you for His purposes.

Pray for your days to be filled with the right motives.

Read scripture and find yourself within its Words.

Meditate. Relax by breathing deeply. Now listen.

Warriors of Light are ready to move at a moments notice. The smallest acts of kindness thrust them into a position to serve. Service brings joy.

Trust and Keep Doing the Next Right Thing

Our wants simply cannot be had until we want what we have. See the keys of Gratitude and Humility.

Not states of mind which befall us when everyone is behaving,  but Spiritual tools for living.

Pray to see the Truth and be set free.

Read scripture. Be renewed.

Meditate. Stop the planning committee and breathe.

Warriors of Light know the Commander. They suffer no costs of living. They simply move forward with Trust doing the next right thing while keeping their side of the street clean.

See Where You Belong

In His image, we too are creators of our own reality. We can choose to see the blessings and they will increase. Humility allows us to see that our reality is in Him and through Him. Honor brings honor and honor demands honor.

Pray to see where you belong.

Read scripture and find the path.

Meditate. Truth becomes loud in the quiet.

Warriors of Light are on the move. Their Light spreads through the darkness. They only sleep safely in His shadow.

Pay Attention to That Which is in Your Hands

Put goodness and Light into your day. Now guess what is in your day.

Stay out of your head where the committee is waiting to list issues beyond your control.

Pay  attention to that which is in your hands. There are joys hidden for you in every situation. Be the one to find them. Make them yours.

Pray. Take your concerns to Him.

Read scripture. It will edify your practice of the right approach.

Meditate each day. As a habit it will be easier to do. Relax and just be for a few.

Warriors of Light value dilemmas because they build Trust in Him. Only by lifting the shield of Faith do we realize it’s Power to quench the fiery darts in our thinking. Only by swinging the sword of Truth does it become a tool we can use.  Claim and enjoy our advantages.