Trusting God Results in Respect for All

“In God we Trust” adds respect for our currency and our laws. It allows us to move safely and freely through traffic and business.

“In God we Trust” adds respect for ourselves and others. As we allow Him sovereignty, we move safely and freely through interactions at work,  with friends, lovers and family.

Pray for perspective and Trust.

Read scripture and learn the benefits of His path.

Meditate. Relax in your rhythm of breathing.  See more clearly.

Warriors of Light know their positions, you can see it in their stance. Their placement and participation in each day adds a sparkle and a smile shared by others seeking the Light.

Don’t Turn Away

When things become difficult do not turn away or become disappointed. This is normal and the tools to deal with difficulty are at hand. Prayer is the most effective tool available. This action allows God spiritual authority in our life.

Pray and add Power.

Read scripture. Watch faith increase.

Meditate. Sit still while breathing deeply for a few. See things differently.

Warriors of Light value difficulties because it makes them stronger and more practiced. It gives them definition  as if adding another weight at the gym.

Feed the Spirit, Enrich the Soul

Demonstrate willingness  and you will find yourself in position to meet people who will prosper your path physically, spiritually and financially. Add humility and watch Goodness abound.

Pray to muffle arrogance.

Read scripture to name true attributes.

Meditate. Stop moving. Breathe, be and learn.

Warriors of Light are always in training. There is no off time. The movement forward feeds their spirit, enriches their soul and keeps them growing in the Sunlight of the Spirit.

Don’t Let Your Mind Be An Enemy’s Workshop

Trust God and watch the pieces fall into place. Easy to say, hard to do, it becomes easier with practice. Start small, trusting for a parking place or to find the right thing at the store. Move up, trusting to say the right thing or to watch them depart with a smile. Continue and watch your life become a place where you can serve and love. Be amazed.

Pray, staying in a conversation with the Author of Truth.

Read scripture. Learn to use its power.

Meditite. Breathe easy.

Warriors of Light find freedom in their duties. They know that any good activity which keeps their thoughts away from themselves is a plus. The real enemy uses their mind as a workshop.

The Truth Shines Through It All

Oh, the aches and pains, frustrations and disappointments we endure as we walk our path. We must not let them hide the joy we are offered or the victories we can claim in our growth. We must appreciate how continuing through the vibrations of misdirected loved ones only increases our stature and brings us closer to God.

Pray to see the Truth shining through it all.

Read scripture to affirm what we see.

Meditate with deep breathing and relax in His arms.

Warriors of Light know that if they stay willing and eager to learn, they will be granted wisdom and understanding.

March and Dance Towards Victory

Encrusted souls and hardened consciences carry their unnecessary burdens painfully alone. Simply by asking and allowing His Help, all this can begin to softly fit into Joy.

Pray to Our Father.

Read scripture to discover His tenderness and Majesty.

Meditate. Stop moving for a few and just soak in the idea that He loves you.

Warriors of Light learn to march and dance towards victory. They give their personal burdens to Him and arm themselves with shields of Faith and swords of Truth.

Dancing When No One is Looking

Everyone wants to see your smile and everyone has something to offer you. They may look different or be headed in a another direction but they count you in their day. God speaks to us through other people and uses us to speak  to them. Share the Hope and Joy.

Pray for the willingness to serve.

Read scripture and discover the unfathomable basket of rewards.

Meditate. Be still, inhale deeply and realize how unlikely and how fortunate it is to be where you are.

Warriors of Light relish contact with other troops. They learn. They share victories and can be seen dancing when no one is looking.

A Friend Who Sees You and Smiles is a Gift from God

A friend who sees you and smiles is a gift from God. Time spent together encourages both to grow. Sharing tales allows each to know that different paths contain the same stumbling blocks and His hand steadies the walk.

Time, miles, even death do not remove a friend from your heart.

Pray and speak to Our Father.

Read scripture and find illustrative truths.

Meditate. Really stop moving and breathe deeply with closed eyes.

This improves your vision.

Warriors of Light can see through the darkness of emotion into the future with Hope. Their training allows them to consider as evidence things not seen. Their march builds Faith which becomes contagious.

Don’t Linger in What Was, Embrace What Is!

Don’t linger in what was, embrace what is! Stay on the path of right decisions, make friendships among troops moving to Life and Peace. As you grow towards Him, some things and people will pass. You will never be lacking or unloved as you build your relationship with your Creator. Watch as He provides! Don’t miss the present!

Choose to find the joy in His plan for you.

Pray. Continue your discussion with Him.

Read scripture. Be transformed.

Meditate. Relax and breathe in the fragrance of Peace.

Warriors of Light wear scars of personal battles lost. While marching for the Commander, old scars have been used to build character.  Pain endured will be used to carry others toward the real Joy.

Blossom Like a Flower

The most important relationship in our life is with Our Father. Everything that happens is for our spiritual development. We can put Him first and blossom like a flower allowing all other things to prosper. If we put Him second, it won’t be long before we see the costs even if our actions seem to have merit.

Pray to understand and have the right motives.

Read scripture to direct your actions.

Meditate. Breathe deeply, relax and repeat.

Warriors of Light know that we can rationalize and justify anything. Their smiles illuminate the way, cut through the facades and offer hope.