We Easily Get Misdirected

We are an interesting lot. Designed for success and love we easily get misdirected and trouble arrives. The package of pain or separation does not have to be received. We are protected if we but accept that position. All things, even wrong decisions can work to our benefit if coated with Trust in our thoughts, words and actions.

Pray for clarity and direction, then expect it.

Read scripture and see that our problems are not new.

Meditate. Relax. All things work for the betterment of those looking up.

Warriors of Light know the way out is Up.  No matter the depth of the issue or the layers of time on its back, looking up best allows the Sunlight of the Spirit to fill and heal the pockets of doubt.

Every Tunnel Has an End

Whether we have graduated from school, retired from a great career, moved to a nicer house or found the love of our life, change is difficult.  Why not picture Him holding your hand as you take on your new adventure. Don’t go in there alone !

Pray. Have a conversation with your Protector, your Advocate.

Read scripture. This holds clues. They wrote things down in a Hallowed Book for a reason.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and exhale slowly to find Peace.

Warriors of Light keep marching even through the dark tunnels.

They use familiar songs and smiles to encourage brothers and keep cadence. They carry The Light and they know every tunnel passes through the mountain and every tunnel has an end.

Reaching Up Upon Waking

Reaching Up upon awakening will  set your perspective in the right direction. Repeated it will be like a small hammering which will change your core. Over time it will enlarge your soul to receive more Light.

Pray and watch the Light fill your life.

Read scripture and enLighten your mind.

Meditate and Lighten your mood.

Warriors of Light reach up and out welcoming others to dance in the Circle of Light.

Watch the Pieces Fall Into Place

Faced with impossibility ? Take a break. Look up. Gain strength and be renewed perhaps by a smile, prayer or a bit of rest. Look at things again from a known point.  You are sustained by an unseen hand. You have been through this before and watched the pieces fall into place, often once  you moved out of the way.

Pray. The keys are not in your hands.

Read scripture and renew your mind.

Meditate on the Goodness  and the Strength of your Foundation.

Warriors of Light arise with Hope. Hope held with Trust makes a powerful,  enduring and bright mark on the unknown path. It lights the way and makes visible trail through the trial, all for you.

Tell Yourself the Truth

Just tell the truth. It is the easiest way. Don’t go out of your way to spread unkind or degrading information but tell the truth when asked.

Tell yourself the truth about how you are and what you are doing. We end up wearing most of our lies.

Pray for understanding and mercy.

Read scripture to understand the Source of mercy.

Warriors of Light end up with lengthy relationships. Their Light encourages the growth of Love. Truth allows a firm foundation and makes old memories enjoyable.

Unshackle the Weight of the Past

Each sunrise offers a fresh start. Refuse to bring in yesterday’s problems.  Carrying the unshackled weight of the past will fetter our loving and learning. There is a lesson today that is just your size and style.

Pray for clarity to see the bright side.

Read scripture. Gain some lessons for free.

Meditate. Stop moving and breathe deeply. Watch things improve.

Warriors of Light know the Sunshine of the Spirit enters and moves more freely in a uncluttered space. Sometimes just closing an old door opens a new path.

A Night’s Rest Will Soothe the Soul

Dont’t believe everything you think . Be slow to anger.

Don’t believe everything you feel. Let things settle. Often a night’s rest will soothe the soul.

Trust the behavior you base on principles of honesty, courage, generosity and Love.

Pray for discernment.

Read scripture to gain wisdom.

Meditate. Inhale deeply. Relax in His arms as you embrace the world.

Warriors of Light have enlisted.  They use their own thinking where positive thought and prayers can help. There is great freedom from anxiety in proper behavior.

The Tides of Life

Everything changes as we struggle to keep it clean or full, maintained or intact. Today, the first real day of summer, reminds us that His gift of the seasons comes from Earth’s tilt not its straight alignment.

Pray to accept the flow and the tides of life.

Read scripture and find your own oars.

Meditate. Find Peace in the lows and the highs.

Warriors of Light train to Love. Times now find joy in a man who can weep and share what he feels. We learn that “pain is real, misery is optional”.

Be the Hero of Your Own Life

Be willing to play your part. Be the hero of your own life.

Employ kindness and gratitude in every scene. Surprise the family by not choosing anger as a response. Speak softly to all. Watch their amazement. Close each act with forgiveness and hear the applause in heaven.

Pray to Trust Him for each step.

Read scripture. Make some of it your own.

Meditate. Nobody has the time but if you take it He will magnify the rest .

Warriors of Light choose their lines carefully. They use silence when unsure. They look up when they miss a cue careful not to use words as darts.