When We Think No One is Watching

Peace of mind wins the day ! Everyone wants it. Many things and many people promise it. It is ours for free, simply by doing what we know to be right even if no one is watching.

Pray for the little things as well as the big things. Practice.

Read scripture. See ordinary people simply making themselves available.

Meditate. Just a few relaxing breaths can change the perspective.

Warriors of Light reflect the energy already available to us all.

Their stance merely magnifys the Light from their Commander.

The Future Cannot be Predicted

The future cannot be predicted. All we can do is increase our odds of making right decisions by setting the right priorities. Also by educating our hearts.

Pray to appreciate the gifts already possessed.

Read scripture. Let its teachings shape your soul .

Meditate. Relax in trust.

Warriors of Light fight inner battles, need petting and encouragement as much as the rest of us. They look to the Commander. He steadies them under His Shadow. He renews their strength.

Don’t Miss the Adventure

Even the most devout can fall into the set routines and miss the adventure He has outlined. Relax, look around.

Remove the “ if this, then that” assumptions from your perspective and sow your seeds. Even the weather is perfect for what He has in mind.

Pray. Prayer paves the way.

Read scripture. Watch it be, “ a Light unto your path.”

Meditate.  Stop the scramble and breathe.

Warriors of Light follow a Cadence in their march. It allows them to move together as a team.

Fruit of the Spirit

“You will know a Spirit by its fruits.”

Anyone can be pleasant and seem well to do for a time.

Anyone can claim to have your best interest in the heart.

Know people are by what relationships and projects they create.

Pray for Wisdom and Discernment.

Read scripture for direction and peace.

Meditate. It helps with whatever is going on.

Warriors of Light remember that involvement in the affairs of others is like grabbing a dog by its ear.

Anger is Fear with Enthusiasm

It is easy to get angry !  Easy to add up reasons and justify anger.   Where does that leave us ?  Are we not burning our own joy ?

Instead, give it a break. Get some rest.

Keep our minds with our current moment.  Shortly, tempers diminish.

Pray. He will listen and He can see over the fence.

Read scripture and renew your mind.

Meditate. Breathe deeply. Exhale slowly. Repeat.

Warriors of Light recognize anger as fear with enthusiasm. They know that with their Commander in charge, they will be protected and fear has no place.

It is Easier to See and Understand in the Light

Start now ! Set things straight !  Nothing matters but truth and love.  Deception hurts the deceiver more than the deceived.

He awaits and rejoices with your turn. In the Light, it is easier to see, understand,  love and remember.

Pray.  Prayer works.

Read scripture and gain direction.

Meditate peacefully. Share His breath.

Warriors of Light know all things will be revealed. They hide only under the shadow of the wings of the Almighty.

Choose Optimism, Remember the Smiles and Hugs

Conditions are reportedly bad for the task is at hand.  Whether seeding a crop or hosting graduation,  choose optimism. Smiles and hugs are what is remembered.

Pray.  Let the Universe carry its own weight.

Read scripture.  Its  presence in your vision is edifying.

Meditate. This is the part where you relax from holding up your part of the world.

Warriors of Light demonstrate their inspiration.  They refuse to accept delivery of some troubles. They pray for a cheerful Spirit and a grateful heart.

Pray to Anchor Your Perspective and Goals

Spiritual growth precipitates love, health and a new vision of wealth. There are no plateaus. If not growing, we are sliding backwards.  What will we lose first as we slide ?

Pray to anchor your perspective and your goals.

Read scripture. Learn more about Management and management.

Meditate regularly and anytime for proper alignment.

Warriors of Light are always in training. They suffer no injustice or tragedy only lessons for gain.

Watch for Caution Signs

Sensing some regret as we march forward ? Watching caution signs in the eyes of our friends and loved ones ?  Rationalizing and justifying ?

We believe our own foolishness.

Get new management !

Always available,  He says “ Call on me “.

Pray for guidance then watch.

Read scripture.  Don’t be rushed into anything.

Meditate. There is no need for haste in God’s world or ours.

Warriors of Light know that timing is critical.  Relax as you await your next engagement .

Choose Not to Starve at the Feast of Life

“Don’t come to the feast table of life and starve to death.” Your choices are the keys to the banquet. Choose to look at the positive.  Be open to sharing and loving. You really have nothing to lose.

Pray. It is your privilege to go directly to Management.

Read scripture with enough humility to receive its treasures.

Meditate. Be still, breathe deeply and reflect on the goodness.

Warriors of Light know the effectiveness of their training is demonstrated in their relationships