Mind and Mine the Situation

With the right angle of approach even our past improves.

We can use treatment as youngsters to justify attitudes and behaviors today.  Or we can renew our minds through faith creating  new attitudes and behavior.  With perspective, life improves.  We end up with a better childhood !

Pray for understanding. Pray to become part of the solution not the problem.

Read scripture . It is the latest news.

Meditate. Breathe deeply. Relax inside. Accept the joy afforded you.

Warriors of Light are like prospectors. They examine the topography, look for the veins of truth and deposits of knowledge.

Then they mind and mine the situation.

There is a Planner and It is Not Us

Something is going on in your life. It seems disturbing, so your mind sets to work. You choose a posture, imagine the arguments and plan. While doing all this you lose your place in the present.

Come back to where your hands are. Remember two key facts. There is a Planner and it is not us.

Pray.  Voice  your desires and complaints to management.

Read. Become aware of the tools that are available to you .

Meditate. Inhale deeply. Relax and just be.

Warriors of Light attend ceremonies. Their participation attests to the value of what is being recognized. Their growth comes from participation.

You Are Accountable, Be Kind to Others

Be the best you that you can be while being kind to others. You are accountable sooner or later.

It matters that you pick up behind yourself even when no one is looking.

Pray for direction. When lost be still and listen carefully. Move toward the continued call.

Read scripture. Memorize words to feed your soul in the darkness.

Meditate. Relax inside yourself with deep breathing.

Warriors of Light know the battle continues. They may look relaxed in their position. Look again, they are maintaining their position.

Let the Sunshine In

Let the sunshine inside your days. Be filled with love and joy and peace by allowing them past the walls ! Open up ! Receive the gifts. Put them to work in your life  and watch your dreams come true.

Pray for clarity and understanding .

Read scripture of different ages. Watch the flow.

Meditate. Relax. Become one with your breath.

Warriors of Light have chosen sides and know the stance of battle. They are grounded. They walk the right path. The illumination they offer increases with proximity.

A Teachable Spirit

A teachable spirit is a gift ! It is receptive to being taught. There is so much to learn !

Learn to focus on the good, receive the good and share what is good.

Pray for wisdom and discernment.

Read scripture and learn that wisdom doesn’t change over time.

Meditate. Just stop all the doing and breathe deeply.

Warriors of Light temper their impressionable side. They are not easily swayed. They are teachable and are always learning new and more amazing maneuvers to help others.

Surely We Need Not Fear Uncertainty

Fear not ! Keep your mind on the positives of where you are. No matter what the future holds you will be best prepared by relishing the opportunities at hand.

Enjoy the growth and lessons at your fingertips !

Pray for understanding and renewal of your strength .

Read scripture. Memorize parts and carry them into your future.

Meditate. Stop the doing and just breathe. See where you are.

Warriors of Light know that the future holds uncertainty. The surety of their glow makes steps through the dark more certain.

Meditation is So Much More Productive Than It Seems

Choose joy ! It honors all !

Joy honors those in your presence and those in your past.  It honors your rearing, loving, heartbreak, teaching, your wins, losses and spiritual growth.

Joy welcomes opportunities and attracts company. If you share it, it grows !

Pray. This action of humility opens doors.

Read words of scripture it adds flavor to the food of your mind.

Meditate. It is so much more productive than it seems !

Warriors of Light help misadventures become fruitful. Their days are filled with treasures of smiles, hugs and relief. They choose joy !

Keep Joy by Sharing It

Opportunity is at your fingertips. It is here in the present. Don’t neglect what is before you while chasing the “pie in the sky” with your mind.

You have been entrusted with the people who love you and the present moment. You will  be remembered not for how much money you made or saved. You will be remembered for the example you set and how you made others feel important .

Pray. It will lower your stress and remind you Who is in charge.

Read scripture. It takes your mind off problems. It offers solutions.

Meditate. Tilt your eyes up but close them. This lowers your brain wave frequency.

Inhale deeply. Repeat.

Warriors of Light find victory by allowing the Commander His sovereignty. They surrender to win. They keep joy by sharing it.

Spiritual conundrums.

You gotta love em !

Allowing Him to Complete You

Successful joy lies in simply abandoning everything YOU think it will take to make you complete and allowing Him to complete you.

Pray. Turn up with desires and expectations.

Read scripture. See hope and good reports.

Meditate. Purposely take time that you think you cannot afford and breathe deeply.

Warriors of Light know that He knows each of His soldiers and His children. No detail of concern will be missed when we allow Him to deliver the best.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be

“Don’t take yourself so seriously, no one else does ! “

“ Keep your mind where your hands are, in the present. “

“Beat yourself with a feather not a hammer. “

Relax, enjoy what is before you. You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Pray first thing. Start the day on the right foot.

Read scripture. Wisdom travels through the ages .

Meditate. Inhale deeply then exhale slowly. Repeat.

Warriors of Light follow through with commitments in a prompt fashion. They follow protocol.

They do things His way.