Learn to Laugh

“We can be part of the problem or part of the solution.”

There are more opportunities in the latter. Sometimes being part of the solution is staying out of the problem. Let them work it out !  Be entertained by their antics. Learn to laugh !

Pray and remember the spiritual side of your life is the most important.

Read scripture. The answers were found a long time ago and they were written.

Meditate. Be still. Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly. Repeat.

Warriors of Light celebrate every day. They remember their Farher. They glorify Him with good choices. They enjoy the results.

Inspired to Follow Through

Talent and potential is not uncommon. Inspiration and follow through is.  Exercise your judgement with action.

Pray upon awakening and through your day. He listens. He cares.

Read scripture. It holds clues to your purpose and direction.

Meditate. Inhale deeply and let your mind clear. Repeat.

Warriors of Light know that some days seem tough and dull. A smile and a good word can change drudgery into joyful purpose. Share the smiles !

Fear No Evil

” Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” Trusting God when it appears that things are going badly forges your trust tools into strong staffs. This steadies your step enabling you to fortify others.

Pray for others. Prayer works.

Read scripture. It holds secrets that belong to you.

Meditate. Relax. You are really not in charge. Accept it with deep breathing.

Warriors of Light know there is no reason to lose faith or be disappointed. Perspective will change as they keep marching and round the bend.

Don’t worry. Be happy

Celebrating life without fear of change is our challenge and our opportunity. Acceptance of change is our mission. Peace of mind will be our crown.

Pray and share your feelings with Him.

Read scripture and feed your spirit. Let it cool your mind like oasis water after a trek across hot sands.

Meditate. Breathe deeply. Drink life’s taste with joy no matter the flavor.

Warriors of Light realize the the dance of each battle is different. Their training gives them flexibility in their limbs and their expectations.

Listen to their chant .

“Don’t worry. Be happy.”

Is it the Burdens We Carry?

“You cannot be a victim if you don’t know how.”

Our thoughts and angle of approach call the game.  Our description of taking a tumble is key. Did we simply miss a step while trying to do too much ? Or did our burdens weigh us down for the fall ? Were there real shackles on those burdens or did we pick them up ourselves ?

Pray for clarity on our path.

Read scripture and wear the countenance we are due (hint:He is our Father).

Meditate and visualize.

Warriors of Light are trained to be victorious.  The training is available to all of His children. There is an operating manual.

Goodness is Right Before You, Pick it Up

Find the goodness in each day ! It is right before you waiting to be picked up, tried out, internalized, shared. It will serve you. The bad news, the shuffle, the trauma, even the explosions are but distractions to cloud your vision.

Pray to see the best. Let Him remove the scales from your eyes.

Read scripture. It promises a good ending .

Meditate . It will slow your mind and help you to see.

Warriors of Light march confidently toward the sun. The right angle of approach allows them to be refreshed .

Hope, Expectation and Joy

Hope, expectation and joy are not limited. They are forces with great power. They are not limited to Eve’s and births. Practice them today but carry them through life.

Pray for others. They need it and it will keep you happy.

Read scripture. Discover the sources of hope and joy.

Meditate. At least close your eyes for a few and inhale deeply.

Warriors of Light brighten the situation with their smile. It is contagious. “Keep your mind where your hands are and enjoy the day.”

Music of Life Lifts the Spirits


To shine we must polish. So, polish.

The body, mind and soul enjoy the adventure ! Tend to all.

Watch them flourish !

Let the music of life lift the spirits.

Let the eyes feast on the colors of the day.

Rock on !

Pray as naturally as breathing.

Let it become a part of surviving. Survive more gracefully.

Read scripture. Let it become the foundation it is designed to be.

Meditate. Breathe slowly and deeply. Count to ten.

Warriors of Light gear up for holidays and celebrations.


They enjoy the party by being prepared for the attack. It brings not dismay but joy. They stand firm, their loins girded with Truth.

Trust God. Stop Worrying.

Clarity can be hidden but it is there ! Distracted by a stiff knee, an unexpected bill or a rude comment we start thinking. Stop !

Inhale deeply and expect the best. Trust God.

“Get out of His way that you may be in His will.”

He has got this ! Enjoy the ride !

Pray. Can’t see the way ? Take His hand.

Read scripture. Learn about your support system.

Meditate. Stop moving and worrying for a few breaths. You can do this almost anywhere.

Warriors of Light have learned.

“You can’t fall out of the middle of the bed.”

The Next Right Thing

Follow through ! A good golf swing, an exercise program, career goals, building relationships all require follow through. Distractions come along. Priorities must be weighed.  Confused ?

Trust Him.

Move forward.

Just do the next right thing.

Pray and receive inspiration and direction.

Read His Word. Let Him speak to your heart.

Meditate. Be still and relax. Listen.

Warriors of Light know there is a plan. For victory they must deploy, then employ their spiritual weapons.