Opening Doors

Life is good ! Enjoying it is a program of action !

Use the tools you have. Gratitude is a powerful force.

Choose your attitude or “angle of approach “.

Force applied an the proper angle can move many large obstacles.

Pray. Prayer works. Pray for the people who have wronged you. Pray for them to have everything you desire, first thing, for two weeks. Watch them change.

Read scripture. His Word will adjust our attitudes.

Meditate. Relax. Breathe deeply and slowly.

Warriors of Light reflect on past solutions and success that He has offered. They do this instead of worrying and it opens doors that appeared to be closed.

All Things Work Together

Difficulties become miracles when you apply prayer and action ! Do what you can and what you know is right. “All things work together for the benefit of those who love the Lord.”

Pray. Talk to Him like He is your Daddy and He is in the room. If you are upset, tell Him !

Read His Word and listen in your heart as well as your ears.

Meditate. Relax.

He has got this !

Warriors of Light remember to express gratitude ! They know how to ask for help. They Praise the results ! Praise and gratitude are powerful tools for the warriors mind.

Time is a Gift

You have gifts and talents. Just add follow through ! The stage and lights won’t display leadership, loyalty, courage, an eye for color and use of space, educational skills and a heart for helping. We all have talents and gifts ! Learn to recognize and hone the good things inside you !

Pray to prioritize your time. Time is a gift.

Read scripture it will give you the best Manager for your life.

Meditate before getting lost in the scramble of your day.

Warriors of Light watch their own talents increase as they persevere. They watch their own time increase when they honor God.

Where Do You Find Victory?

Victory is yours ! Remarkably it comes through surrendering control. But…

It belongs to you ! It matters not what failures or mistakes or other bad consequences have come before.

Your acknowledgement of His power and seeking Him unzips your bag of promises.

Pray to seek Him first upon awakening.

Read scripture or a devotional BEFORE getting out of bed.

Meditate on the good things already happening. Don’t forget things like hot water and your blanket.

Warriors of Light use gratitude to dig out of mood holes. They use gratitude to fight the demon of self pity. They party in Praise while the committee in our heads tries to lure us into fear and doubt.

Victory is yours !

Recognizing Opportunities

There is so much to look forward to ! We can have everything we want simply by wanting everything we have ! Gratitude is a powerful force. Combined with humility and propelled by Praise it will change your attitude and present opportunities.

Pray to recognize favor and opportunities.

Read His Word, scripture. Memorize it and taste the change in your relationships.

Meditate on one of the Psalms.

Warriors of Light know that spiritual tools can shape their world. When faced with mountains they use Praise and Thanksgiving as pitons to climb over them.

Do What You Say You Will

Our life is an adventure allowing us and encouraging us to be the best we can be.

“Don’t have a job which honors you ? Then honor the job.” This attitude and simply doing what you say you will do will put you amongst the 1% of people who can be trusted and…..people will trust you. This stance will bring unforeseen opportunities into your life.

You have many gifts. What you do with them is how you give !

Pray for guidance and it will come.

Read. His Word offers power and direction.

Meditate. Do not make this your main activity !

Warriors of Light know that God speaks through His Word and through other people. They choose their words and their friends carefully.

If not Now, When?

Today is the first day of the rest of your life !

Those burdens you have been carrying have no shackles holding them to you . They may not be burdens at all but opportunities to love and heal.

Right action begets the right attitude.

Lazy ? Make a list of things to do. Procrastinator ? Make a calendar. Financial problems ? Tithe. Feeling blue ? Help others.

Pray to share and take your complaints to Management !

Read scripture for answers and direction.

Meditate. Just try it or extend what you are already doing. The benefits become obvious.

Warriors of Light know “there is a Spiritual solution for all of our problems.” They use Praise to stave off self pity and Gratitude as a salve for ego wounds. Joy Joy !

Mercy for Us, Justice for Them

“Mercy for us but justice for them ?”

No ! ” Forgive us as we forgive those that trespass against us ”

Oops, finding a firm resentment there ?

Resolve to pray for that individual each morning and watch them change !

Pray first. Then, start your day.

Read scripture. As you go through life, you will be tested.

Meditate. Sit still and breathe deeply more than once.

Warriors of Light move with deliberation and caution. After securing the area, they feel the music and dance with joy !

Open Mindedness

Open your mind and be willing to learn. Share what you know and be willing to let another take their own path.

There is more than one right way to pray, to be of service and to grow. Just keep moving forward with your priorities set.

Pray. Share your thoughts, your concerns and your gratitude with God.

Read scripture and use it as a banister in your life.

Meditate. Relax. Repeat. Relish all you have with gratitude.

Warriors of Light don’t know everything. They know Who knows. They know how to ask and how to listen.

Smile and the World Smiles with You

“Smile and the world smiles with you.” Stop studying everything and smile !

Just moving the muscles for a smile will make you happier.

Your smile invites kindnesses.

Just can’t get one on your face ?

Give something you like to someone who can use it ! That makes them smile and smiles are contagious.

Pray to get your mind off yourself. Talk to God like He is the one you trust the most.

Read scripture. It reminds us that we are not the center of the universe.

Meditate. Find your spot to sit quietly. Sit quietly. Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly. Repeat.

Warriors of Light wear a smile into the battle. They enjoy using their weapons of Praise and Thanksgiving. They know their power.

Warriors are ever thankful for opportunities to use their Faith and Trust.

Warriors can turn the enemy’s weapons against him by receiving the jousts with a forgiving smile.