Pain and Purpose

Pain is real. Misery is optional. We love certain people, pets, plants, places and things.   Often our love can almost define us. God and change are the only things which  infinitely continue in our lives.

To hurt when we have lost is normal.  Despair serves no one.

Pray to be able to appreciate your continued purpose.
Read scripture to guide your path.

Meditate. Stop and seriously consider your attitude.
Warriors of Light know the right angle of approach can display many blessings.

2 Replies to “Pain and Purpose”

  1. Thank you Toni for showing us the way each and every day. This writing is especially meaningful to me as I don’t do well with emotional pain. Leads me to dark places.

    Love the pictures your u added.

    To all my sisters on this journey have a happy joyous day.

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