Food for the Spirit

Each plant feeds best from a certain soil. It matters if it is sand or clay, if it needs to be limed or fertilized, if it is wet or dry.

Each person’s spirit feeds best from a certain perspective. It matters if it is read or illustrated, if it is from home or from a place of worship, if is about them or about us.

Pray for a better perspective.

Read scripture and learn about tools available.

Meditate. Devote some time to your spiritual side.

Warriors of Light know they must feed their spirit. Marching together brings edification.

Pain and Purpose

Pain is real. Misery is optional. We love certain people, pets, plants, places and things.   Often our love can almost define us. God and change are the only things which  infinitely continue in our lives.

To hurt when we have lost is normal.  Despair serves no one.

Pray to be able to appreciate your continued purpose.
Read scripture to guide your path.

Meditate. Stop and seriously consider your attitude.
Warriors of Light know the right angle of approach can display many blessings.

Staying Brave

“Be not afraid.” The worst we imagined never happened.” Most fear is self centered. Even shyness, which seems purely humble is self centered fear. Refuse to participate. Save your energy for being grateful !

Enjoy your life !

Pray to stay brave.

Read scripture and devotionals for inspiration.

Meditate on the peace always available to us.

Warriors of Light are so busy sharing and giving that they don’t have time to worry.

Looking for a spiritual experience ? Breathe. We are spirits enveloped by the human experience. Enjoy !

Building character in our souls is the mission. Expansion of hearts, increased depth of our compassion, these are the markers of our success.

Pray for good direction.

Read scripture like a map and devotionals like the legend.

Meditate. Breathe more slowly and seriously consider the moment.

Warriors of Light know. You can see the sparkle in their eye.

Live in the Moment

Be available. Experience the beauty and love that is before you. All of the misery lies in expectation. Stay in the moment and be available.

We serve not because we are worthy but because we are available.

Pray not to miss your life while in despair.

Read scripture and devotionals for clues.

Meditate. Separate yourself from the feelings and fears. Breathe in now.

Warriors of Light keep you out of the future and the past with their smiles. Here and now. So good, it is called the “present”.

Finding Peace

We want to complicate everything ! But if… we ask. What are we doing ? We are playing God. Sometimes we don’t even believe in God but we want to be him. Isn’t it surprising that so often as soon as we give up things fall into place.

Pray and find peace.

Read scripture and devotionals. Touch tales of the magnificence.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax.

Warriors of Light

“Be anxious for nothing but by means of prayer and supplication make thy requests known…and He will give you the peace that passeth understanding.”

Keep It Simple

Keep it simple ! Our training and experience lead to status and seniority. We think we know. Then we have our bumps and pains and we wonder. We feel burdened and alone. Stop !

Find a seat on the bench. Ask the man mopping the floors or doing the garden. He knows. He will smile when you ask him.

He will tell you and maybe hug you with joy. Because the most important things are simple. And…”the simplest become wise.”

Pray to keep it simple.

Read to unlearn your complications.

Meditate. Stop. Be still. You are already where you are. Just breathe.

Warriors of Light sometimes seem slow but they are deliberate. They may seem less sharp but so does the fox.

The Hand Dealt

No matter the hand we are dealt. No matter what injustice has been suffered. We win from a position of humility and gratitude. A cheerful spirit and a grateful heart can’t lose.

Pray. Feel the breath of creation upon you. You are not alone.

Read the Word to learn what it says and listen to that still small voice within you.

Meditate. Relax your mind.

Warriors of Light know the battle is won and not by their own strength.

Controlling the Tongue

Words have power. They can hurt and heal. They direct the traffic of our minds.  If another is upset and saying so, be quiet. No matter your choice of words if you speak, argument will follow.

“You have what you say you will have.”

Use your words with care. You will find that controlling the tongue will keep you out of trouble and provide opportunities.

Pray and expect results from your words.

Read scripture and devotionals and feast on words.

Meditate and think with words. Breathe deeply and enjoy the silence.

Warriors of Light use words to don their shields of Faith.

To gird their loins with Truth and move confidently through the noise and the haste.

Participation in the Service of God

“Contempt prior to investigation” robs us. It thwarts our participation in the service of God. It limits our exposure from what we have decided, we are not going to like. But it also deprives us of the practice of trust. Trust takes practice.

Pray. Pray for the people you find offensive.

Read scripture to educate our hearts .

Meditate. Remain willing, childlike in our stance.

Warriors of Light are mobile. Their orders may come without warning. At the ready, they always benefit from giving and sharing.