No Need for Regrets

No need for regrets. The right attitude today improves our past, present and future. Childhood gets better including high school. The situation at hand is more comfortable. Hope shows its strength !

Pray for understanding of your role and declare it funded.

Read scripture and devotionals to center yourself.

Meditate. Relax. Breathe deeply. Listen to your breath for awhile.

Warriors of Light are careful with their words. A kind word and a smile can refresh the soul.

Worrier or Warrior?

“It takes one half of a lethal dose to educate a human.”

We want to do it our way. We entangle ourselves in the “shoulds “and “oughts ” of life. Taking advice is hard ? Why ?

Pray for willingness. The willingness of a child learning how to find candy.

Read devotionals and scripture. “Taste and see the goodness of the Lord.”

Meditate. Sit still and be thankful for all that you have.

Worrier or warrior ? Your choice .

Warriors of Light practice trusting. Each day they find a new chance to trust earlier. Each day finds a new cause for joy.

Greatly Improved Childhood

“Pride and arrogance cloud our vision. Humility clears the view.”

Even the past looks better from a humble perspective. My childhood has greatly improved.

Pray for clarity and perspective.

Learn to forgive.

Read scripture to remind yourself who you are. Read devotionals and enjoy who you are .

Meditate on how you can carry this information to focus during your day.

Warriors of Light do not enjoy laziness . They use their down time for rest and preparation. They may be distant but the sounds of battle are clear