Right Thinking

Our equality, our liberty, our health and peace lie in right thinking.

Repeated right actions based on good principles create right thinking. We are not built to function alone. We need help from above and companionship below. We need practice in right behavior and right thinking. Even trust takes practice. Start with the little things.

Pray and know He will guide and answer.

Read scripture and devotionals to feed your spirit.

Meditate. Seriously consider how blessed we are.

Warriors of Light know the real costs of our houses and yards and cars. Warriors stand at the ready even when you don’t see them.

Let Humility Guide Your Life

We can’t let feelings be the wind and rudder of our lives. We must not judge those that do. Humility wins the day ! In humility we find solid principles as guides to our behavior and thought.

Pray for inspiration.

Read the Word to train your heart.

Meditate each morning and let your sails be set before whipping through the day.

Warriors of Light allow their steerage to be Mastered.

Each Day is a Gift

Don’t let them steal your joy! Each day is a gift. Use it wisely and to be of service . Forces exist which would darken your minutes with corruption and your life with addiction. If you stay in the Sunlight of the Spirit you cannot lose .

Pray for direction.

Read the Word to learn how to read the signs.

Meditate. Stop doing and just be still for at least 3 minutes .

Warriors of Light face stronger resistance from the dark side than many. They are on the front lines.

They have shields of faith and swords of truth. God is their protection !

“Because they love me I will rescue them.”

As Others See Us

We can’t see ourselves the way other people see us. We can see part of what they see and they can see part of what we see. Add to that when upset people are not really voicing their true complaint. Add to that, men don’t like to talk about it. Our best bet is to be polite and pray. Let things settle down.

Pray humbly to be shown what you need to see.

Read scripture and devotionals to gain new perspective.

Meditate on what is already good and understandable.

Warriors of Light:

Trust God.

Move forward with your own housecleaning.

Do the next right thing.

Your Spiritual Self

Our understanding of being happy is misconstrued. Real joy lies not in physical beauty or health. Not in pleasant emotions or wealth.  Not even in understanding the workings of the earth and our minds. The happy man is a humble spirit who knows how to use the Word.

Pray to value your spiritual self .

Read to feed your spiritual self. Careful ! What you read and watch and listen to feeds your spirit.

Meditate. Listen.

Warriors of Light know nothing is hidden but understanding must be gained.

Share Love and a Smile

Life is a privilege. Love is a gift and a privilege. When people that we love share our life, take notice ! Don’t forget to make them smile. The greatest honor may be to be remembered with a smile.

Pray. Talk to Him.

Read good things before getting up for the day .

Meditate. Sit still and actually appreciate the privilege of being alive and the memories of loved ones passed.

Warriors of Light visit with those they love . They share the joy and the day becomes brighter for all.

Choose Your Direction

Your choice when you awaken. Grab onto the games you were playing yesterday or start anew. The discipline of reaching upward and out of yourself first offers the rewards of purpose and hope . Choose your direction ! As one in a boat , use tools for steering through the sweeping currents of life.

Pray . Talk to Him. Ask for help. Now your oars have some strength behind them.

Read the Word. Read devotionals. Say some from them aloud. Oops. You just became a messenger.

Meditate. Don’t think about the falls just get up again. Picture a rope. Grab it and arise !

Warriors of Light use the words from above as both a power source and a rudder.

Help is at Hand

Someone has claimed you and your time. They do it with your permission and you will bear the fruits.

Are you going the right way ? Does it hurt ? There is help at hand. Claim it aloud. Claim it often. Watch the change.

Pray and look for answers . God speaks through His Word and other people or that still small voice inside.

Read to educate your heart.

Meditate and find yourself. You are right where you left you.

Warriors of Light know the path. It is a path because they follow other troops.

Treasure the Moment

Life is good ! Each day is filled with opportunities of a lifetime. We sometimes just trudge through our daily routine thoughtlessly until someone our age dies. Don’t wait to enjoy your life. Treasure even the moments filled with chores.

Pray to stay in touch with the source.

Read scripture and devotionals to keep your mind tuned in to the real value of life.

Meditate to bring yourself into the moment.

Warriors of Light are taught that each breath is a privilege. Their duties become an honor to perform.

Feeding the Good Dog

We are built with love and hunger. Maturity is the process of balancing these two. But it is a process not a condition. It is like the two dogs in our head. They talk and they fight. The good one and the bad. Who wins? The one you feed the most.

Pray and start your day with a good attitude.

Read and feed the good dog some good lessons.

Meditate and relax in the shelter of the Almighty.

Warriors of Light have to maintain their training. Praise and Thanksgiving are their two best weapons.