Welcome to our blog, “Finding God’s Way”. We appreciate your visit and thank you for your readership. We have ceased blog posts as of August 30, 2019. See our last post for more information.


I noticed a pleasantly new countenance in an old friend. I inquired and received a quick reply of “Jesus Calling”. I downloaded the app and it changed my life too. The reading on February 23 gave me the tools of Praise and Thanksgiving. I used them. Another old friend gave me “365 Days Around the Year” by Emmet Fox. I feasted upon it as well. My dear husband was taken ill and died. In my daze of new widowhood I visited a friend. A copy of “The Alchemist ” by Paulo Coelho hopped from the shelf and was given to me. My eyes lifted in search of my personal destiny. I followed this author to discover “Warrior of Light, a manual”. I was enthralled.

I, personally , can make 25 stupid decisions or judgment calls in the morning before arising. I discovered that if I read Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling” and Emmet’s daily reading before getting out of the bed, I might make two. It did not take long to make it a daily ritual. Another friend sent me a copy of “God’s Little Devotional Book” by Honor Books. If offers a handy push in the right direction.

A group of friends saw my smile. I started texting a few each morning. I teased that we were becoming Warriors of Light. So each day I read my own devotionals before arising. I prayed . Then I started typing my texts. Something happened. I continued and my messages got meaty. I adhere to the message of pray, read and meditate each day. I stay available for the rest of the story each morning . I am privileged to share it with a number of friends. Some have asked permission to share my texts. They are being typed on paper and electronically recorded. We publish hard copy next year.

I was instructed to start a blog. Unfamiliar with blogs I called an old friend for help. Here we are. We have a message I have learned the hard way.

I can’t.

He can.

Let’s let Him.